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City of Science or Centre of Culture? Darmstadt is both. Like almost no other city, it combines an appreciation of the arts with a passion for science and innovation. Darmstadt still has the charm of a royal capital – at the same time it is a modern city, a laboratory for cultural as well as scientific experiments.


The journey started on the Mathildenhöhe with the forming of the Artists' Colony, a group of artists whose exhibitions enjoyed worldwide recognition and who created a document of modern forms of construction and housing - starting point for modern industrial design.    


Before the title “City of Science” was bestowed on Darmstadt in 1997, the city was recognised as “City of the Arts”. In fact, both sides go hand-in-hand, recognising that the combination of tradition and innovation is the “Darmstadt Way” to discover new things – here and throughout the world.  

Discover Darmstadt

ESA Space Tour (in German only)

ESA Space Tour (in German only)

"ESA Space Tour" is a digital tour of the site of ESA's European Satellite Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt.


As the European Space Agency, ESA is dedicated to the peaceful exploration and use of space. Founded in 1975, it now comprises 22 member states. Through the cooperation of its member states, ESA covers all types of space activities: Space exploration, astronautical spaceflight, Earth observation, transport into space, navigation, space situational awareness and security, technology development and telecommunications, and the promotion of industry.


The digital tour is available in German only.

Raus ins Grüne - Raus in die Region

Raus ins Grüne - Raus in die Region

Darmstadt is not only located in the FrankfurtRhineMain region, but is also the gateway to the Bergstrasse and the Odenwald. The region offers diverse landscapes, historical and modern architecture, exciting history, regional delicacies and much more.


There is much to discover.


Frankfurt Rhine-Main is the culturally and economically vibrant region in the heart of Europe.


The Bergstrasse from Darmstadt to Heidelberg offers around 30 castles and palaces along the way and, as a wine region, also offers specialities such as the Red Riesling. The Odenwald invites you to go hiking and cycling, to historic old towns and hidden farms, and offers cultural, culinary and sporting activities.


The Bergstrasse-Odenwald Geo-Nature Park (UNESCO Global Geopark) invites you to discover a charming landscape steeped in history, covering an area of 3800 km² between the Rhine, Bergstrasse, Odenwald, Main and Neckar rivers.

GästefüherInnen gesucht!

GästefüherInnen gesucht!

Das Seminar und die schriftliche Prüfung werden ausschließlich in deutscher Sprache durchgeführt. Diese sollten Sie deshalb in Wort und Schrift gut beherrschen.


Please note: The seminar and the written examination will be conducted exclusively in German. You should therefore have a good command of both written and spoken German.


Are you interested in showing guests and interested people the special corners and places of our city and telling them something about the history and development, the sights, the art and the buildings with background knowledge? Secret tips of the city off the hotspots about innovations, highlights and other things are also part of the repertoire of a tour guide.


You should enjoy dealing with people and be able to convey your extensive knowledge of the respective place in an entertaining way. The job is definitely something for communicative personalities and is suitable for anyone who has time during the day or at weekends - especially for students during the lecture-free period. Foreign language skills in English at an average level are required.


More information on the next training seminar: www.darmstadt-tourismus.de/gaestefuehrerseminar

The beauty of the line. Margarete Lindau at Galerie Netuschil - 11. September to 29. October


The beauty of the line. Margarete Lindau at Galerie Netuschil - 11. September to 29. October

In the graphic arts, everything begins with the line! And so the new exhibition of the Netuschil Gallery, which opens on Sunday, 11 September 2022 at 11 a.m., also focuses on this. Claus K. Netuschil will open the exhibition of the artist Margarete Lindau, who lives in Mannheim and works in Darmstadt as head of the print workshop at the university (right next to the Mathildenhöhe exhibition halls).


Exhibition duration: 11. September to 29. October 2022



Margarete Lindau, Nr. 5 aus der Serie „Nachtstücke“, Farblinolschnitt, 2018/19.

Porträt Margarete Lindau, Foto: Heinrich Völkel.

Margarete Lindau, Nr. 7/AP aus der Werkgruppe „Copydrawings 4“, Laserdruck, 2021.

Guided tours

Guided tours

Whether science, culture or life - there are tours in Darmstadt on all topics. "Darmstadt at a glance", "Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt - UNESCO World Heritage" or a guided tour bei bike through the city, you decide which facet of Darmstadt you would like to get to know first.



Partner of the DARMSTADT CARD:

1-day-card: Reduced fee for participation in a public guided tour of Darmstadt Marketing GmbH.

2-day-card: Free participation in a public guided tour of Darmstadt Marketing GmbH.

Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt - UNESCO World Heritage

Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt - UNESCO World Heritage

The Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt is an ensemble of Wedding Tower, Exhibition Hall, Museum Artists' Colony, plane tree grove and artist houses. It was laid out as the garden of the grand ducal court as early as the 19th century and was one of the most important centres of modern art and architecture in Europe and the world for 14 years, from 1901 to 1914. Its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021 underscores its global importance as a pioneer of modernity. .

Weekend packages

Weekend packages

Discover Darmstadt and spend a weekend in the City of Science and Culture. Visit the Mathildenhöhe, the Artists' Colony from 1901 to 1914, or the various museums as the Hessian State Museum or the Museum in the Residantial Palace.


Stroll through the Wilhelminenstraße in the city centre and enjoy the view of the Pantheon-like church St. Ludwig. Discover the small shops in Schulstraße and at the Stadtkirchplatz or the more than 450 shops, from internationally renowned brands to small, owner-run shops.


Offers of weekend packages: www.darmstadt-tourismus.de/en/visit/accomodations/packages

Free shuttle bus Mathildenhöhe

Free shuttle bus Mathildenhöhe

World Heritage shuttle bus - free of charge - between the city centre and Mathildenhöhe.


Daily between 10:45 am and 5:15 pmm every 30 minutes, starting at the bus stop darmstadtium/Kongresszentrum (stop of the Airliner). On the way to Mathildenhöhe it stops at the stop Pützerstraße and at the Ostbahnhof.


Return trips from Mathildenhöhe to the city centre every 30 minutes between 11:02 am and 5:32 pm from the Olbrichweg stop (Museum Artists' Colony). On its way back to the city centre stopping at the Ostbahnhof and at the Jugendstilbad (Art Nouveau Swimming Bath) and terminating at the darmstadtium.

⭐️We are looking for the Glühwein Princess 2022⭐️

⭐️We are looking for the Glühwein Princess 2022⭐️

You love the Christmas season, have a personal connection to Darmstadt and are between 18 and 29 years old?


Then apply now to be the Glühwein Princess 2022!



The main task of the Glühwein Princess is to give the Christmas market a friendly face. Together with the Lord Mayor and other actors, the newly crowned Glühwein Princess opens the Christmas Market and presents the new motif of the Glühwein glass. The mulled wine princess will be out and about on all Advent Saturdays in the city centre and in the Luisencenter, giving away chocolate ice cream cones to the little visitors and standing by as a popular photo motif. As a thank you, the mulled wine princess will receive a shopping voucher worth 500 euros for the Luisencenter. The casting will take place online for the first time. You have until 15 October to apply!



Click here to go to the casting:




We are looking forward to your application!




The Glühweinprinzessin is a joint project of the Luisencenter Darmstadt, the Michels photo studio, the Darmstadt Showmen's Association, Darmstadt Citymarketing e.V. and Darmstadt Marketing GmbH. The project is accompanied by the FRIZZ Magazine Darmstadt.

Pedelecs at the Darmstadt Shop

Pedelecs at the Darmstadt Shop

Pedelecs are available for rent at the Darmstadt Shop. Prices: 20 € per day, 10 € per 1/2 day, weekend flat rate from Friday 5 pm to Monday 10 am 30 €, deposit 120 €.


The bikes of the brand Kalkhoff offer: a backpeddle breaking system for more safety and shift sensor technology for smooth shifting even under pedal pressure. The best power 14 Ah batteries guarantee over 100 km range for limitless driving pleasure.



Partner of the DARMSTADT CARD:

With the Darmstadt Card there is a 50% discount.

Darmstadt Card - public transport and cultural & leisure facilities

Darmstadt Card - public transport and cultural & leisure facilities

The Darmstadt Card is available as a one-and two-day ticket, it includes the use of all public transport in the city area (fare zone 40) and discounts to numerous cultural facilities.


The Darmstadt Card is valid for 1 day at the price of 6 € or for 2 days at the price of 9 €.



Public transport

Free use of public transport (bus and tram) in fare zone 40 (includes Darmstadt, Erzhausen, Messel, Roßdrof, Ober-Ramstadt, Modau, Nieder-Beerbach, Pfungstadt, Griesheim, Weiterstadt) for 1 person on one or two consecutive days.


Free admission

Kunsthalle Darmstadt


Price reduction

for tours and pedelec rentals from Darmstadt Marketing GmbH


Reduced Admission to cultural & leisure facilities

bioversum Kranichstein, Eisenbahnmuseum Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Großherzoglich-Hessische Porzellansammlung, Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt, Hochzeitsturm, Literaturhaus Darmstadt (Hauptprogramm), MUSEUM Jagdschloss Kranichstein, Museum Künstlerkolonie Darmstadt, Schlossmuseum Darmstadt, Staatstheater Darmstadt (Repertoirevorstellungen), Bezirksbad Bessungen, DSW Freibad, Mühltalbad Eberstadt, Naturbad Großer Woog, Nordbad



Free of charge

info broschure at the Weißen Turm

PAD 02. Festival Performing Arts & Digitality - 30. September to 3. October

PAD 02. Festival Performing Arts & Digitality - 30. September to 3. October

The second edition of the festival PAD 02 - Performing Arts & Digitality will take place in Darmstadt from 30 September to 3 October 2022 and will present a top-class programme of live and online events accompanied by an exciting specialist conference.


13 top-class, multi-award-winning productions by national and international artists combine innovative technologies with new narrative forms.

Exhibition: Walter Schels. Photographs. - 9. September 2022 to 8. January 2023


Exhibition: Walter Schels. Photographs. - 9. September 2022 to 8. January 2023

For more than 50 years, Walter Schels has been working with portraits like hardly any other photographer of his generation. The exceptional photographer became famous in the 1980s for his character studies of well-known personalities such as Angela Merkel, Leonard Bernstein or the Dalai Lama. Equally legendary are his portraits of animals, which he takes in the style of a classical studio photographer in front of a neutral background. He detaches the figure from its social habitat and concentrates entirely on its facial expressions and posture.


The exhibition at the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt presents four of Walter Schels' best-known photo series: the animal portraits, the series of portraits of Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol, the Transsexual series and Schels' flower studies, which explore the beauty of withering. The exhibition shows a representative insight into the extensive oeuvre of Walter Schels and is the largest work show after the exhibition at the Hamburg Deichtorhallen in 2019.

7-Hügel-Steig (7-hills-hiking-trail)

7-Hügel-Steig (7-hills-hiking-trail)

The 13 km long route with slight inclines starts from the Ostbahnhof, with seven hills lined up south of Darmstadt. The most famous hill is the Mathildenhöhe, the centre of Art Nouveau.


A detailed description of the route to the 7-Hügel-Steig can be found on the Bergstraße-Odenwald website.

Nadira Husain at Artists‘ Colony Museum - until 4. December

Nadira Husain at Artists‘ Colony Museum - until 4. December

From 26. June to 4. December 2022, the Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt is showing a solo exhibition by the artist Nadira Husain (*1980, lives and works in Berlin, Paris and Hyderabad). In her works, she weaves figures, symbols and ornaments from different cultural backgrounds into complex visual worlds that reflect the artist's own multicultural experience.

Future History Tour "Darmstadt City"

Future History Tour "Darmstadt City"

Time travel through Darmstadt's city centre!

With "Future History" historical views of the city can be compared with today's. What has changed, what has remained the same?


Darmstadt was the capital and residence of the Hessian landgraves and grand dukes, capital of the Grand Duchy of Hesse until 1919, then capital of the People's State of Hesse until 1933 and the State of Hesse until 1945. Darmstadt lost its status to Wiesbaden, due to the severe war destruction.


In the reconstruction phase after 1945, the city concentrated on its importance as a city of science and culture. Today Darmstadt has over 160,000 inhabitants and a lively city centre with numerous sights, shopping streets, restaurants, parks and green spaces.


Via the Future History App (available in Google Play and in the AppStore) you can also be guided directly to the individual locations and fade in the historical views with AR (Augmented Reality).

App "Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt" - Travel back in time

App "Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt" - Travel back in time

With the Mathildenhöhe App you go on a journey through time on Mathildenhöhe. Historical views are superimposed with current images and illustrate how the Mathildenhöhe developed during and after the Artists' Colony.


With the app you can not only navigate to the individual locations but also fade your current perspective with historical images using AR (Augmented Reality).


Download the app for iOS or Android from the AppStore or Google Play unto your smartphone or use teh web-version on www.darmstadt-tourismus.de/mathildenhoehe

Anniversary "25 years City of Science"

Anniversary "25 years City of Science"

Darmstadt has held the title "City of Science" since 1997.


In the anniversary year, the campaign "To the Point: Places of Knowledge in Darmstadt" will take visitors to various institutions in Darmstadt from the end of June until October. At www.darmstadt.de/25jahre there is not only a lot of information and the programme for the campaign, but also an interactive city map showing the knowledge points in the city and a short profile of the institutions.

Darmstadt WiFi

Darmstadt WiFi

With the Darmstadt WiFi users in the city centre have unlimited use of the urban WLAN network. Just select „WiFi Darmstadt“ in your wifi settings and log on at www.service.thecloud.eu.


Here you can use the "WiFi Darmstadt":


Darmstadt city centre

- Luisenplatz

- Wilhelminenstraße

- City Carree

- Ernst-Ludwigs-Platz

- Friedensplatz

- Marktplatz

- Ludwigsplatz

- Stadtkirchplatz

- Schlossgraben

- Karolinenplatz

- BIZ (Bürgerinformationszentrum) (Indoor)

- Darmstadt Shop Luisenplatz (Indoor)




Staatstheater Darmstadt

- in the Staatstheater and

- outdoor on the Georg-Büchner-Platz


City districts Darmstadt

- Arheilgen: Löwenplatz

- Eberstadt: stop Wagenhalle

- Kranichstein: stop Gruberstr./Brentanoanlage

- Wixhausen: Bahnhofstr./Falltorstr.



Wilhelm-Leuchner-Str.: stops Wagenhalle to Platz Bar-Le-Duc


Cooperation HEAG Mobilo

- in front of the main station "Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof"

- Arheilgen stop Dreieichweg

- Kranichstein stop Bahnhof

- Griesheim stop Bar-Le-Duc


Cooperation TU Darmstadt/eduroam

Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Darmstadt, ULB Darmstadt

- ULB Stadtmitte

- ULB Lichtwiese

- stop Botanischer Garten


Cooperation with the Modehaus Henschel at the market square

Discover World Heritage: Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt and Messel Pit Fossil Site - with the Darmstadt Card

Discover World Heritage: Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt and Messel Pit Fossil Site - with the Darmstadt Card

The Museum Künstlerkolonie Darmstadt on Mathildenhöhe and the Messel Pit Fossil Site are partners of the Darmstadt Card.


Individual visitors receive a discount with the Darmstadt Card when visiting the Museum Künstlerkolonie and the Messel Pit Visitor Centre. The bus line "FU" connects the World Heritage Site "Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt" with the World Heritage Site "Messel Pit Fossil Site" and can be used free of charge with the Darmstadt Card.



With the Darmstadt Card, there is also a discount on taking part in a public guided tour of the city, e.g. of Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt.


Darmstadt Card 1-Day Card: Reduction on participation in a public guided tour of Darmstadt by Darmstadt Marketing GmbH.


Darmstadt Card 2-day ticket: Free participation in a public guided tour of Darmstadt by Darmstadt Marketing GmbH.

Shopping with the Darmstadt Gutschein

Shopping with the Darmstadt Gutschein

The vouchers worth 10, 25, 50 or 100 euros can be bought online and in the Darmstadt Shop and can be redeemed in over 40 shops and restaurants in Darmstadt.



Further information at www.darmstadtgutschein.de.



Darmstadt Shop Luisencenter
Luisenplatz 5
64283 Darmstadt 
Tel.: +49 6151 - 1345-13
Fax: +49 6151 - 1347-5858


Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm


Current information on COVID-19

Frequently asked questions and answers to the most impotant rules are listed on the webiste of the State of Hessen. For further information or the daily incidence level in Darmstadt please visit the website of the City of Darmstadt.

World Heritage "Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt"

The "Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt" has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2021. For more information on Mathildenhöhe and how to get there, click here.