Darmstadt Wine Festival - 30. to 2. September 2018

Every first weekend in September the Wilhelminenstraße transforms into Darmstadt's wine festival. From Thursday (30.8.) to Sunday (2.9.) winemakers and food stalls from Darmstadt and the surrounding area and invite you to taste, enjoy and relax. With winegrowers from six different cultivation regions, a wide range is guaranteed and there is something to find for every taste.

On Sunday, additionally, the shops of Darmstadt's city are open from 1 to 6 pm.


Opening hours of the Wine Festival:

Thursday to Saturday: 12 pm to 6 pm

Sunday: 12 pm to 10 pm


Music programme at the wine festival

Thursday from 6.20 pm: Robert Colina & Band on the stage at Luisenplatz

Friday  8 to 11 pm: Singer-Songwritern Tobi Vorwerk and Dave Henn are playing at different spots on the Wilhelminenstraße

Saturday 8 to 11 pm: "Esquinas de Nuez" and the "Acoustic Swing Duo" are playing at different spots on the Wilhelminenstraße

Sunday 7 to 10 pm: "Acoustic Swing Duo"

Impressions: Darmstadt Wine Festival 2018

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Overview of the winemakers on the wine festival 2018

Hessische Bergstraße: Bergsträsser Winzer eG, Karl Kulick Weinhandel & Weinverkauf

Mosel: Urzecha Hof

Nahe: Weingut Brühler Hof, Weingut Wilhelmy

Pfalz: Weingut und Gästehaus Ellbrück

Rheingau:  Weingut Abteihof St. Nicolaus, Weingut Egert GmbH, Weingut Thomas Engelmann, Weingut Faust, Weingut Graf von Kanitz, Weingut J. Koegler, Weine & Events Karl Eisele

Rheinhessen:  Weingut Ernst Bretz, Weingut Brühler Hof, Weingut Uwe Claß, Weingut Dorst, Weingut Grosch, Weingut Kampf GbR, Weingut Lucius, Weingut Münzenberger, Weingut Ökonomierat Johannes Geil, Weingut Pfennig GbR, Weingut und Gasthaus Saulheimer, Weingut am Schlossberg, Weingut Karl-Heinz Schnabel GbR, Weingut Wagner


The Apfelweinkelter Adler will serve freshly produced Süßer, Rauscher and apple wine.


Wine grower with ecologcal viniculture: Weingut Brühler Hof, Weingut Kampf, Weingut Graf von Kanitz (ECOVIN + vegan), Weingut Wagner

Overview of gastronomy on the wine festival 2018

Snacks: Hausmann Imbiss, Gastronomie Hamel Zelt, Salm Imbiss, Langos King

Fish: Fischspezialitäten Diegeler, Traber's Flammlachshütte

Cheese: Raclette-Hütte, stall with different cheese platters and diced cheeses

Further delecacices: Belgische Pommes, Reibekuchen Roscher, Hausmann Flammkuchen, Löw's Backhaus, Crêperie Köhler

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Darmstadt Wine Festival 2019:

29. August to 1. September

Red Riesling

Did you know that there is "Red Riesling" at the Bergstraße? The Riesling-grape in its original version had a reddish skin. Only in the course of time did it become brighter.

But there is a winegrowing area in Germany where the tradition is kept alive: this is the Hessische Bergstraße. Almost ten wineries are there, which still today - and even strengthened again! - cultivate and offer Red Riesling. For more information, please visit the website "Im Land des Roten Rieslings".

Map of wine and food stalls at the Wine Festival 2018

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