Darmstadt Wine Festival

Wine festival with tradition

What few people know: Where the Art Nouveau buildings of the Artists' Colony Mathildenhöhe stand today, wine was grown for centuries. Darmstadt in southern Hesse, now an internationally renowned centre for science and art, has been surrounded by vineyards since the Middle Ages at the latest. A very special tribute to the wine-growing tradition, which is now being revived in the city, is the Darmstadt Wine Festival, which has been taking place for almost 40 years.


From Thursday 1. to Sunday 4. September 2022, almost 40 wine and gastronomy stands invite visitors to take a culinary stroll, taste, enjoy and linger in Wilhelminenstraße.

Numerous wineries from Hessian wine-growing regions such as the Bergstrasse and the Rheingau, from Rheinhessen and the Palatinate as well as from the Nahe and the Moselle will present their fine wines at the stands. Among them are many family-run businesses as well as vintners who have specialised in organic viticulture or grow special grape varieties.


Opening hours of the wine festival:

Thursday to Saturday: 12 noon to midnight

Sunday: 12 to 22 h

Programm at the Wine Festival

Wine Tasting Tours

On Friday and Saturday a wine tasting tour is on the programme (info and tickets from August here on the site). This is a great opportunity for budding and advanced wine connoisseurs to sample very different wines at several stands.



Marching bands will be playing music in Wilhelminenstraße on Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 11 pm and Sunday from 7 pm to 10 pm.


Wine and Stone Information Trail
Along Wilhelminenstrasse you will find a short version of the "Wine and Stone" information trail (Geo-Nature Park and Bergstrasse winegrowers) with explanations on the topics of wine, soil, grape varieties, geology, climate, history, culture of life, flora and fauna.


Organ concert "Im Rausch der Klänge" Darmstädter Weinfest - 3. September, 6 pm

Patrick Fritz-Benzing (St. Stephan Karlsruhe) presents lively and festive organ music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Kaspar Kerll, Georgi A. Muschel and others. Fritz-Benzing has been cantor of the St Stephan's Church in Karlsruhe since 2005, which was built in 1808-1814 according to plans by Friedrich Weinbrenner, a teacher of the Darmstadt architect Georg Moller. Website: Innenstadtkirche St. Ludwig

Red Riesling

Did you know that there is "Red Riesling" at the Bergstraße? The Riesling-grape in its original version had a reddish skin. Only in the course of time did it become brighter.But there is a winegrowing area in Germany where the tradition is kept alive: this is the Hessische Bergstraße. Almost ten wineries are there, which still today - and even strengthened again! - cultivate and offer Red Riesling. For more information, please visit the website "Home of Red Riesling".

Impressions: Darmstadt Wine Festival 2019

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