Special Locations

Special Locations

Museums café Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt


Museums café Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

"HERZBLUT UND ZINKE" is located in the historical rooms and the cozy Rodensteiner Hof of the Hessische Landesmuseuem Darmstadt and can be reached via the museum or from outside via a side entrance.


During the day, "HERZBLUT UND ZINKE" is a bistro and café that attaches importance to regional aspects: For the coffee specialties, the Bohnerie from Frankfurt supplies the freshly roasted beans. Cakes and pastries come from regional producers, e.g. from California Cookies & Cakes from Dieburg, the pasta from Righetti Mühlheim am Main.


Wednesday to Saturday, "HERZBLUT UND ZINKE" turns into a wine bar from 6 pm with a focus on regional and European wines. The menu reflects the diversity from Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc to Riesling, over Pinot Noir to Nebbiola. The focus is on the regions of Rheingau, Rheinhessen and Pfalz. There are special recommendations for cuvées.



Event location

Whether a standing reception with finger food, a festive menu or a buffet, the "HERZBLUT UND ZINKE" offers space for special events in the impressive surroundings of the vaults and the architecturally special inner courtyard of the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt.




Centrally located in Darmstadt's city center is the "Lieblingsküche", with a loungy-style conservatory, a fireplace and wooden floor. Here, cooking events and cooking classes can be organized under the guidance of professional chefs.

Bessunger Jagdhofkeller

Bessunger Jagdhofkeller

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, every season offers a special scenery in the premises below the historical Jagdhof as well as in the associated restaurant Belleville.

Whether a kick-off & incentives, christmas parties, meetings, seminars or product presentations, the rooms transform any event in an impressive atmosphere.


• Meeting Rooms: 1

• Participants: up to 200

Zoo Vivarium


Zoo Vivarium

Noisy monkeys, colourful birds, tropical fish and exotic reptiles are at home in natural enclosures, terrariums and aquariums. 2,000 exotic and native animals of 190 species live on 5 hectares. The walk-in kangaroo facility and the petting zoo with African pygmy goats offer close-up animal observation.


Participation in numerous national and international breeding programs underlines the conservation work in Darmstadt's zoo. Several important breeding groups of endangered reptile and mammal species live here.


The zoo school offers the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting facts about the animals. In the extracurricular learning location "Zoo Vivarium Darmstadt", the little guests experience biology lessons with all their senses - seeing, hearing, smelling and touching.




Forest and meadow adventure path with barefoot path and discovery game in the zoo Vivarium



Partner of the DARMSTADT CARD:

reduced admission for adults




The zoo as an event location

Are you looking for an extraordinary location with a special atmosphere for business or private events? At Darmstadt Zoo Vivarium you can turn your event into an unforgettable experience - whether seminars, celebrations, presentations or other festivities.

- Zoo school for up to 45 people

- Aquarium hall for up to 60 people

- Piazza (outdoor area) for up to 100 people

AGORA das LOKAL am Ostbahnhof

AGORA das LOKAL am Ostbahnhof

The restaurant has been closed since 1 April 2024 and will reopen in July 2024



The cultural activities and the letting of the premises will continue/is

not affected by this.



Information at agora-eg.de/lokal/

leap in time Lab

leap in time Lab

The leap in time Lab is a spin-off from the Technische Universität Darmstadt. On about 500 square meters, worlds of work and technologies of the future can be experienced.


The leap in time Lab is rented out to people and entities from economy, politics and research. From evening events to strategy off-sites up to leadership trainings and research summits the leap in time Lab offers a special setting for up to 45 participants.


Robots, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, smart table, virtual/augmented reality and much more are what you can experience in the lab. Guided technology tours and key notes can optionally be booked.




General equipment:

- WiFi

- Smart light from Wtec

- Air condition

- Dustbin


Large function room:

- Sound system

- Projector

- Conference table for 4-6 persons with computer and screen


- VR World *

- Microsoft Hololense *

- Large TV *

- 3D printer*

- 2 Pepper robots *

- Nao robot *

- Smarttable with internet access *


- seating up to 60 people (including 2 chair cars)

- 10 small rolling trolleys from Vario (also suitable as seating / table)


Presentation material:

- 3 flip charts (each with paper)

- 2 metaplan walls (each with paper)

- 2 large chalk boards

- 3 presentation cases


2 separate offices:

- for 2-4 persons

- for 4-6 persons

equipped with printer / scanner, height-adjustable desks and office chairs




- Fridge

- Sink

- Single dishwasher

- Induction cooker plate

- Microwave

- Kettle

- Automatic offee machine

- Dishes for up to 20 people

- Thermoses

- Trashcan

- Washing machine and dryer


Other equipment:

- 6 bar tables incl. covers in the colours blue, green and red

- men and women WC

- Handicapped toilet opposite




1/2 day (max. 4 hours): 1,000 € plus VAT

whole day (8 hours): 2,000 € plus VAT



* This technical equipment is only available in connection with the booking of a technology tour.

Darmstädter Ratskeller


Darmstädter Ratskeller

Darmstadt Ratskeller Hausbrauerei is located on the south side of the market square opposite the castle. In addition to home-brewed beer, the restaurant offers a variety of home-style food.

The Ratskeller offers home-brewed beer and home-style German cuisine in the historic old town hall. Linger in the brewery room, on the market square terrace, in the brewery cellar or in the Regenten-Stube restaurant.


• meeting rooms: 3

• for up to 70 guests

HUB31 - Technologie- und Gründerzentrum

HUB31 - Technologie- und Gründerzentrum

The Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Verwaltungs-GmbH operates the HUB31. It is a joint project of the Darmstadt Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the City of Science Darmstadt. The centre was opened in December 2017 and targets innovative founders from science and business as well as pre-founder teams.


The HUB31 offers technology-oriented start-ups and freelancers a total of around 4,700 square metres of space for fully equipped offices and coworking areas. Together with partners and sponsors, additional space is also being created for more intensive support of young and newly founded start-ups.


The conference rooms are suitable for groups of 5 to 75 people and can also be hired externally.

Altes Schalthaus

Altes Schalthaus

The “Altes Schalthaus” (old transformer building) was built in 1926 in the style of clinker expressionism. Original features are the horizontal emphasis of the building by cornices, tall, narrow windows and large steel, diamond-shaped streaks on the gables. On the ground floor there is a large and a small room available for events.


• Meeting Rooms: 2

• Size: 100sqm - 250sqm

• Participants: 40 - 299

Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor

Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor

The Merck Stadium at Böllenfalltor is a traditional german football location. Away from the sporting action it is made for conferences, workshops, trade fairs, meetings and private events. With the new main stand and the ENTEGA VIP Lounge, SV Darmstadt 98 continues to write its exciting history and offers a new unique event location in southern Hesse.



- Large business area (max. 950 persons)

- Large lodge (max. 60 persons)

- Event boxes (max. 16 persons)

- Lodges (max. 12 persons)

- press conference room (max. 40 persons)

Water tower Darmstadt

Water tower Darmstadt

The distinctive water tower was built in 1910 by architect Friedrich Mettegang. Built in the style of Art Nouveau as the nearby main station, he was used to supply the railway and locomotives with water and should have been demolished in 1978. Since 1986, he is privately owned by the musican and architect Albrecht Pfohl (alias "Obo") and is a historical monument. It is used as a studio and venue for events. The tower with its impressive levels is suitable for events for companies from 20 up to 90 persons.

Kinopolis Darmstadt - Veranstaltungslocation

Kinopolis Darmstadt - Veranstaltungslocation

Kinopolis cinema is the ideal location to host business-related events. Kinopolis offers advanced projection technology, excellent sound, comfortable chairs and a perfect view on big movie screens. Rent movie theatres of different sizes and take advantage of the spacious lobby – ideal for exhibitions. This offer is also available for the downtown cinemas/Citydome.



• Meeting Rooms: 5

• Size: about 270sqm

• Participants: 136 - 378

Forester's Lodge Bessungen

Forester's Lodge Bessungen

The cosy half-timbered house is ideal for small events for up to 40 people. The rooms include a tea kitchen and an inner courtyard.

H7 Event Lounge

H7 Event Lounge

The H7 Event Lounge offers the ideal event location for events in an exclusive ambience and central location in Darmstadt city centre.


Whether birthday, company party, cooking event or public club event, private or commercial - everything is possible here. With the option of renting individual areas of the H7 Event Lounge, events and functions from 30 - 400 people can be covered.




Full flexibility in the design of the party? - at the H7 Event Lounge this is possible!


Here you only rent the premises, everything else you may plan and implement according to your wishes. Of course, the H7 Event Lounge also provides event planners, catering and beverage suppliers if required.




Book the beautiful restaurant with or without beer garden for individual events. Enjoy our catering directly on site and use our professional infrastructure of the fingerfood bar.

Castle in the Prinz-Emil-Garden

Castle in the Prinz-Emil-Garden

The historic castle is situated in the heart of a park. It is a quiet area and close to downtown and is particularly suited for smaller self-organized and festive events.




Hall in the Prinz-Emil-Schlösschen:

The hall in the Prinz-Emil-Schlösschen covers 140 m² and offers space for up to 11 people. It is equipped with a stage and modern lighting and sound technology. The hall is ideal for weddings, concerts, lectures, conferences and corporate events.



Conference rooms in the Prinz-Emil-Schlösschen:

3 conference rooms measuring 30 and 45 m² are available for seminars, conferences, meetings, workshops and discussions of all kinds.

Café Elim

Welcome to Café Elim. You will find us centrally located in Darmstadt, between Mathildenhöhe, Woog and Jugendstilbad.


Café Elim at the Elisabethenstift Pedagogical Academy offers delicious breakfasts and lunches.




Did you already know?

We rent out our Café Elim for your event (space for up to 70 people) in conjunction with catering and also offer catering separately. Just talk to us on site or contact us by phone at (06151) 4095-124.

German-Baltic Society e.V.

German-Baltic Society e.V.

As a bridge to the Baltic States, our association has been committed to the European idea of the encounter of cultures and bringing people together for 70 years.


The German-Baltic Society (DBGes) was founded in 1950 as the German-Baltic Landsmannschaft i.B. e.V., an association of Baltic Germans from Estonia and Latvia. Its headquarters are in the Reinhard-Zinkann-Haus, the House of the Baltic Germans, in Darmstadt. The DBGes' main aim is to preserve and communicate the cultural heritage of the Germans from present-day Latvia and Estonia and organises meetings and conferences in Germany and the Baltic States for this purpose.



The House of the Baltic Germans in Darmstadt

The imposing villa "Haus Haardteck" at Herdweg 79 is a listed building and was built in 1898 according to plans by Heinrich Metzendorf. At the end of the 19th century, the architect combined elements of historicism with the then new Art Nouveau style. Particularly beautiful details are the sandstone relief on the entrance side with a dragon slayer as a motif, the small fountain in the courtyard and numerous details inside.


In the vernacular, the villa is still called "Pillenburg" today, because its first owner was the son-in-law of the factory owner and pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck. Until 1943, the villa was used as a private residence, after which it served as the headquarters of various offices and, from 1952, as an old people's home for the German Red Cross. In 1983, the owner families Zinkann and Hector handed over the property to the Baltic Germans - since then it has been used in many ways as a conference and meeting centre.




Conference and Meeting Centre "House of the Baltic Germans

Art Nouveau ambience for conferences and festivities


The Centre of the Baltic Germans in Darmstadt is not only a forum for all those interested in the Baltic States - in its people, its history, its culture and its present. The beautiful representative rooms on the ground floor (see floor plan) offer a generous social and at the same time familiar setting for


- Conferences, seminars and training courses

- club meetings

- exhibitions and concerts

- lectures and readings

- Weddings, baptisms, birthdays, confirmations


Events in the venerable Art Nouveau villa have a special, unmistakable flair. The rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, for seminar groups and celebrations for up to 80 people and for concerts/readings for up to 90 people. The house has basic technical equipment for presentation events. A modern kitchen in the basement is available for self-catering for smaller groups.

Comedy Hall

Comedy Hall

The Comedy Hall offers ideal space for family celebrations, conferences, company parties, presentations and other events. In addition to the large and small auditorium there are a conference and meeting room for 70 guests and a club room for 150 guests. The event service also includes various programme offerings in the entertainment area, the gastronomic planning and implementation as well as providing all the technical requirements.


• Meeting Rooms: 4,

• Participants: 70 - 150

Kunsthalle Darmstadt


Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Only the portico remains today from the old neorenaissance style exhibition hall of the Darmstadt Kunstverein (society of art). It is now the boundary of the forecourt of the building newly erected in 1957. Where earlier, avantgarde from 1900 and the applied arts of Jugendstil were on display, today a series of temporary exhibitions of contemporary art can be viewed. Three large alternating exhibitions a year accompanied by numerous events ensure a rich program.


The unique ambience of the Kunsthalle offers even more: as an extraordinary location for your event with flexible possibilities for small and large groups up to 200 persons on a total of 1,500 m² including the outdoor area. Information: www.kunsthalle-darmstadt.de/Vermietung_16_0.html



Partner of the DARMSTADT CARD:

reduced admission to an exhibition




The entrance and exhibition area are accessible without steps.

The sanitary facilities and the studios are not barrier-free.

Hofgut Dippelshof


Hofgut Dippelshof

The restaurant-hotel Hofgut Dippelshof is a jewel of Art Nouveau, located in a beautiful Art Nouveau-park surrounded by woods and meadows. A location with special facilities, equipped with a multi-award winning kitchen.


Event rooms:

Blue room for up to 100 people

Pagoda tent for approx. 55 people

Garden house for up to 20 people, including the terrace for up to 60 people

Weststadt Bar


Weststadt Bar

The Weststadtbar is unique: the bright architecture of the former brick engine shed gives the room with generous dimensions a contemporary setting in the style of historic industrial culture.

In the spacious outdoor area, celebrations can be enjoyed to the full – even with an open end.


• Meeting Rooms: 2

• Size: 180sqm - 300sqm

• Participants: 130 - 199

Centralstation Veranstaltungs-GmbH

Centralstation Veranstaltungs-GmbH

The Centralstation is an impressive clinker construction and listed building in the heart of the city. In past times electricity for the city was generated here, since 1999 music and other events take place here. The Central Station can also be used as a venue for meetings and banquets.

For 20 years, the Centralstation has been one of the most important addresses for live concerts and cultural events of all kinds in downtown Darmstadt. In the listed hall there is a program on three levels and the finest cocktails in the BAR.

Three, from ambience very different, facilities with flexible room concepts are on offer.


• Meeting Rooms: 3

• Size: 55sqm - 450sqm

• Participants: 48 - 1100

Kurzweil Eventlocation

Kurzweil Eventlocation

The Kurzweil event location is located directly next to the main railway station, in a former Deutsche Bahn terminal building, the rooms have served as a cultural centre and event location for events of all kinds since 2017.


The large conference room, gallery, foyer and workshop room are ideal for open, creative and inspiring workshops and meetings. They are equipped with high-quality flat screens, beamers, whiteboards, flipcharts and presentation material. Access to a powerful WLAN, which can also be used in the foyer area or in the garden, is a matter of course.


Depending on the type of event, the Kurzweil Eventlocation offers space for between 10 and 400 guests - from small workshops to large-scale events. We are happy to help you with the planning.


• Meeting Rooms: 3 (200qm)

• Size: 25qm - 85qm im Innenbereich

• Participants: 10 - 300 mit Außenbereich