German-Baltic Society e.V.

Deutsch-Baltische Gesellschaft e.V.

As a bridge to the Baltic States, our association has been committed to the European idea of the encounter of cultures and bringing people together for 70 years.


The German-Baltic Society (DBGes) was founded in 1950 as the German-Baltic Landsmannschaft i.B. e.V., an association of Baltic Germans from Estonia and Latvia. Its headquarters are in the Reinhard-Zinkann-Haus, the House of the Baltic Germans, in Darmstadt. The DBGes' main aim is to preserve and communicate the cultural heritage of the Germans from present-day Latvia and Estonia and organises meetings and conferences in Germany and the Baltic States for this purpose.



The House of the Baltic Germans in Darmstadt

The imposing villa "Haus Haardteck" at Herdweg 79 is a listed building and was built in 1898 according to plans by Heinrich Metzendorf. At the end of the 19th century, the architect combined elements of historicism with the then new Art Nouveau style. Particularly beautiful details are the sandstone relief on the entrance side with a dragon slayer as a motif, the small fountain in the courtyard and numerous details inside.


In the vernacular, the villa is still called "Pillenburg" today, because its first owner was the son-in-law of the factory owner and pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck. Until 1943, the villa was used as a private residence, after which it served as the headquarters of various offices and, from 1952, as an old people's home for the German Red Cross. In 1983, the owner families Zinkann and Hector handed over the property to the Baltic Germans - since then it has been used in many ways as a conference and meeting centre.




Conference and Meeting Centre "House of the Baltic Germans

Art Nouveau ambience for conferences and festivities


The Centre of the Baltic Germans in Darmstadt is not only a forum for all those interested in the Baltic States - in its people, its history, its culture and its present. The beautiful representative rooms on the ground floor (see floor plan) offer a generous social and at the same time familiar setting for


- Conferences, seminars and training courses

- club meetings

- exhibitions and concerts

- lectures and readings

- Weddings, baptisms, birthdays, confirmations


Events in the venerable Art Nouveau villa have a special, unmistakable flair. The rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, for seminar groups and celebrations for up to 80 people and for concerts/readings for up to 90 people. The house has basic technical equipment for presentation events. A modern kitchen in the basement is available for self-catering for smaller groups.

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Herdweg 79


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