Events in Darmstadt 2018

April to October 2018

Datterich's weekly market - every first Saturday of the month Darmstadt's weekly market on the market square offers a special programme like music, activities for children, seasonal food tastings and much more.

26. May to 19. August 2018

EXTREME. SELF - RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain 2018: In the exhibition EXTREME. SELF, three artists deal with aspects of the perception of the self that are as personal as they are imaginative. Aneta Grzeszykowska creates a portrait of herself from many individual parts and mixes physicality, sensuality and autoerotism with black humor. Precisely shaped body parts are combined, arranged and photographed as in natural science collections. By using pigskin, they look deceptively real on closer inspection. This is disturbing and attractive at the same time

6. June to 5. August 2018

Photo exhibition „Tsar days 1918-2018. Alix und Ella“ - The photo exhibition is located in the Designhaus, Mathildenhöhe. It is divided into three parts. The first part is about the life of Alexandra Fjodorowna in Darmstadt, about the principles of education in the family of the Grand Duke Ludwig IV, about the tragedy and losses, about a meeting with the future Czar of Russia, ordinary family life, arrival in Darmstadt and the way of the family to holiness. The second part is dedicated to Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna (Princess Ella). In the third part a video of interviews with Darmstadt citizens is presented. Each of us has something to remember and say about Alix and Ella, about Tsar Nicholas II and the Russian Chapel, a symbol of the city of Darmstadt, about the parish in the postwar period and today.

©Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt

10. June to 16. September 2018

Ulla von Brandenburg - Der Regung Regel: The object and media artist combines various genres such as sculpture, installation, film, performance, paper cutting and wall drawings into symbolic overall productions. The exhibition often becomes a stage for her expressions of the theater. In doing so, she draws on historical set pieces of various origins and meaning, which refer to the time of the late 19th century and the early modern era

Carl Philipp Fohr Heidelberg, 1795 - 1818, Rom, Der Künstler mit zwei Freunden und seinem Hund Grimsel, 1816 Feder und Aquarell ©Wolfgang Fuhrmannek, HLMD

29. June to 26. August 2018

Hessian State Museum: Homage to Carl Philipp Fohr

The painter Carl Philipp Fohr was one of the most gifted artists in Rome. His sudden and unbelievable death on June 29, 1818 moved the entire artist community. Fohr's artistic career is closely linked with Darmstadt, as the Darmstadt painter Issel discovered his artistic talent and took him to Darmstadt.
On the 200th anniversary of the artist's death a small tribute to Carl Philipp Fohr will be arranged in the Karl Freund Gallery.

©K. Kircher_Schlossmuseum Darmstadt

22. July 2018

A Courtly Garden Festival  - Journey Back To Rococo

In the 18th century Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hesse-Darmstadt used his little garden and palace not far from the residential palace for private festivals with music and dance to relax from the court ceremony.

Following this tradition, the Prinz-Georg-Garden and the Grand Duchal Hessian Porcelain Collection invite you to journey through time - back to the 18th century.  Enjoy performers in authentic costumes, dancers, music and historic magic.

©Helmut Schwarz

27. July to 5. August 2018

18. Darmstadt Festival at the Residence

Historical significant places in Darmstadt and the surrounding area become atmospherically attractive venues for the usually open air concerts. Artists from across Europe offer a colorful mix of art styles, including in 2018 Bill Ramsey &The European Swing Allstars and the Italian Opera Night.

28. July to 5. August 2018

16. days of industrial culture rhein-main: The Industrialization has shaped the development of the economic and working world of the European centuries in the last two centuries. Europe is the cradle of global industrialization. The days of industrial culture invite you to discover what connects us to Europe and what European influences can be found in the Rhine-Main region. The focus topic was inspired by the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018.

1. to 4. August 2018

25. Just for Fun - Street Theatre Festival Darmstadt

Darmstadt squares become the stage! For the 25th time, the Just for Fun Straßentheaterfestival Darmstadt will present high-profile street theater from all over the world. The range of performances ranges from breathtaking artistry to subtle clownery. Exceptional characters and unrivaled playfulness of the artists are guaranteed. Thousands of fans make the festival an unforgettable highlight in Darmstadt's cultural life.

From 3. August 2018

The Merck-Sommerperlen pearls bring an extra sparkle in the programme of the Centralstation in July. Thanks to the support of Darmstadt's science and technology company Merck, which already makes the Sommerperlen available for the eighth time, high-caliber players from the genre Alternative Country, Pop, Indie Rock, Jazz and HipHop are on the stage.

18. August 2018

Christopher Street Day Darmstadt

In Darmstadt, there has been a dedicated Christopher Street Day since 2011 and it is the largest event of and for LGBTs. The CSD displays what everyone already knows: sexual and gender diversity are part of a city society and must be protected and supported.
Anyone who is visiting, demonstrating, discussing and celebrating the CSD not only experiences a great day, but at the same time sends out a signal for a diverse and colorful urban society, for equal rights in all areas of life and against intolerance, homophobia and transphobia.

19. August 2018

Arts and Crafts Market - About 100 craftsmen and artists present their work on the market square and present a diversity of jewellery, pottery, wood work, art, textile design and much more. Numerous artists also demonstrate their craft.

30. August to 2. September 2018

Wine Festival Darmstadt

Every first weekend in September the Wilhelminenstraße transforms into Darmstadt's wine festival. From Thursday (30.8.) to Sunday (2.9.) winemakers and food stalls from Darmstadt and the surrounding area and invite you to taste, enjoy and relax. On Sunday, additionally the shops of Darmstadt's city are open from 1 to 6 pm.


7. September to 2nd December 2018

 „The old Darmstadt" - City views by court painter E. A. Schnittspahn

 It was the hereditary prince and later Grand Duke Ludwig III. of Hessen and by Rhine, who commissioned the court and theatre painter Ernst August Schnittspahn to capture the most important buildings of his residence and his territory for later times. For the artist this task, which he devoted himself to for 37 years, became a lifetime mission. By 1876, he had produced more than 150 colour-coded views of the most important architectural monuments in Darmstadt and the surrounding area.

For the special exhibition "The old Darmstadt" selected prints with predominantly urban motifs have been extensively restored. The variety, the enormous wealth of detail and the reliable accuracy of the presentation make them unique pictorial documents of the past history of the former residence and thus a cultural-historical treasure for Darmstadt. Many of the buildings shown are irretrievably lost. In the gouaches of Schnittspahn they continue to exist for future generations.

©York Hotz

21. September to 3. October 2018

Darmstadt Autumn Fair Traditional fair on the Messplatz.

From 1.30 pm to 10.30 pm, the autumn fair invites you daily to take a stroll along the fairground rides, the sales and food stalls. Enjoy meeting friends, taking rollercoaster rides and having fun.

Ausstellung_Höfische_Jagd_Besucher ©Kulturstiftung des Hauses Hessen, Christian Tech

From 20th october 2018

100 years MUSEUM Jagdschloss Kranichstein – time for a new exhibition!
The new exhibition narrates the stories and history of the hunting landgraves and their hunting seat in four chapters, based on the precious collections.

Leo Grewenig, Achatgebilde, 1963, Tuschezeichnung, © Werke - Nachlass Leo Grewenig GbR

15. November to 17. January 2019

Leo Grewenig. Tinten - Tiere: In the 1950s and early 1960s, the artist unfolded a wealth of structures using black ink and water on absorbent paper. Thick blots or the finest ramifications set the imagination and inspiration in motion. Above all, animals sprang from the interplay of the drawing aids: snails, spiders or squid, but also plants, dazzling stones and dancing creatures populate the large-format paper sheets

© Darmstadt Citymarketing e.V., Rüdiger Dunker

7. December 2018

Late-Night-Shopping "Fire & Ice" in Darmstadt's city centre. Enjoy open shops until 11 pm and lots of walking acts and fire shows.

© Rüdiger Dunker

26. November to 23. Dezember 2018

Darmstadt Christmas Market
The smell of ginger bread and mulled wine, handicraft and an festive atmosphere put you in the mood for Christmas when strolling around Darmstadt's Christmas Market.
Special about Darmstadt's Christmas Market are the stalls of Darmstadt's many twin cities. Handicraft e.g from Liepaja (Latvia) or culinary specialities like Hungarian Lángos or wine and cheese from Swiss Saanen are awaited eagerly by Darmstädter and visitors every year.

Highlights 2018

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