Calender of Events 2019

Darmstadt offers a variety of events, be it the big or small traditional festivals, cultural highlights or special exhibitions in the Darmstadt's museums.

Hessian State Museum Darmstadt: Video of the month

01.02.19 - 31.12.19

The Hessian State Museum Darmstadt presents ist new video, works by international artists. The new program will be presented in the Gallery of Art after 1945. It pursues an interdisciplinary approach that has shaped the history of the museum since its inception.

Hessian State Museum Darmstadt: bauhausPositions

11.04.19 - 11.08.19

On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar, the Graphic Collection of the Hessian State Museum Darmstadt is showing an exhibition of works from its own collection. The centerpiece of the approximately 60 exhibits is the »Masters of the Bauhaus 1923«.

Kammerkonzerte Darmstadt

01.05.19 - 30.11.19

The yearly series of chamber music concerts „Kammerkonzerte Darmstadt“ exists since 1971 and is an inherent part of the musical life in Darmstadt. The interested audience has the opportunity to listen to excellent soloists and ensembles from all over the world, with old and new repertoire.

Hessian State Museum: Exhibition: Jewellery from Art Nouveau to Art deco – The Collection Ratz Coradazzi

10.05.19 - 08.09.19

From simple to extravagant, but always original and creative - this is how the fashionable jewelry designed primarily for everyday use was designed in the first three decades of the 20th century. If you score in the evening with diamonds and precious gemstones, the day jewellery was usually "No diamonds before 6pm". All exhibits are from the private collection Ratz-Coradazzi, not yet shown. The collector already invested her pocket money for her first Art Nouveau jewellery piece at the age of seven.

Days of Railworld

30.05.19 - 02.06.19

Shuttle services every hour with historic trains hauled by historic steam, diesel and electric locos as well as additional historic tramway shuttle from Darmstadt main station to the railway museum. Exhibition and extensive programm of railway history and technology in the museum, also attractive for children.

Centennial anniversary of Darmstädter Sezession 1919 – 2019

08.06.19 - 15.09.19

June 8th to September 15th 2019. Founded on June 8th 1919 by 21 artists who wanted to live a different idea of art and community, the artist association will deal with the question of what role art can play in today's society during a festival of 100 days, starting June 8th 2019. Featuring exhibitions, lectures, concerts, symposia, art routes and much more, visitors are invited to learn about the history and current activities of the Darmstädter Sezession and experience Darmstadt as a city of the arts.

Church Pauluskirche: International Organ Summer

27.06.19 - 28.08.19

The great organ in the Pauluskirche Darmstadt is the biggest and most important one of the region. It was built by Karl Schuke / Berlin in 1969 and extended in 2013. On 4 manuals and pedal the organ has 56 stops containing 4514 pipes. Listeners and organ players from all continents are enthusiastic about its riches of different coloured sounds, its perfection and of the enourmous dynamics.

Artists´House - Masters´House - Master Building. The Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt and the Bauhaus

30.06.19 - 20.10.19

As part of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the Institut Mathildenhöhe is presenting an Artists’ Colony Exhibition. 1901an exhibition at the Museum Künstlerkolonie. The exhibition shows the construction of the Bauhaus and post-war architecture. Especially the presentation of the Artists’ Colony on the Mathildenhöhe in the year 1901 formed the world-wide first international building exhibition permanently and affected to today numerous exhibitions and urban development projects.

26th Just for Fun - Street Theatre Festival Darmstadt

31.07.19 - 03.08.19

Darmstadt squares become the stage! For the 26th time, the Just for Fun Street Theatre Festival Darmstadt will present high-profile street theater from all over the world. The range of performances ranges from breathtaking artistry to subtle clownery. Exceptional characters and unrivaled playfulness of the artists are guaranteed. Thousands of fans make the festival an unforgettable highlight in Darmstadt's cultural life.

19th Festival at the Residence

02.08.19 - 11.08.19

From 2. to 11. August 2019 places in Darmstadt which are significant in art history become atmospheric delightful performance venues. The events take place under the open sky. Artists from whole europe offer a colourful mixture of different art forms - music from pop to classic, theatre, dance and literature.

Days of Industrial Culture Rhine-Main: Focal point „Building Culture“

03.08.19 - 11.08.19

The building culture includes the constant change of the environment built and used by humans. In relation to the industrial age and the present, the Building Culture describes the architectural design of buildings and ensembles, the urban planning, the spatial planning, the design and quality of the built environment and the art of construction and public space. So it is both the preservation and the sustainable reuse of evidence of industrial culture as well as the everyday practical use of our built environment and the question of their development process, together with the social, economic and political contexts.

Kunsthalle Darmstadt: Duty to wear a helmet - Exhibition in the context of «Stretching the Bow»- 100 years Darmstadt Secession

15.08.19 - 16.09.19

Construction sites mark the end of one condition and the beginning of the other. In art, cooperative projects take the form of construction sites that are not only meant to be understood metaphorically, but are also intended to have a real impact on the surrounding city. Together with the Kunsthalle Darmstadt, the Darmstadt Secession is developing as part of the Festival "Stretching the bow" - Darmstädter Sezession 1919 to 2019 an experimental format that uses and addresses the special situation for one month during the reconstruction phase of the forecourt of the Kunsthalle.

Christopher Street Day


Darmstadt has its own Christopher Street Day since 2011 and it's the largest event for and by LGBT people in Darmstadt. The CSD displays what everyone already knows: sexual and gender diversity are part of a city society and must be protected and supported. Anyone who is visiting, demonstrating, discussing and celebrating the CSD not only experiences a great day, but at the same time sends out a signal for a diverse and colourful urban society, for equal rights in all areas of life and against intolerance, homophobia and transphobia. The CSD Darmstadt is organised by the club vielbunt e.V.

Wine Festival Darmstadt

29.08.19 - 01.09.19

Every first weekend in September the Wilhelminenstraße transforms into Darmstadt's wine festival. From Thursday (29.8.) to Sunday (1.9.) September winemakers and food stalls from Darmstadt and the surrounding area and invite you to taste, enjoy and relax.

On Sunday, additionally the shops of Darmstadt's city are open from 1 to 6 pm.

Kunsthalle Darmstadt: Bauhaus and Photography. On New Visions in Contemporary Art

29.09.19 - 05.01.20

The guest-curated exhibition is part of the centennial program 100 Years of Bauhaus and deals with the question how the Bauhaus’ innovations still contribute to the development of photography’s visual language today. Furthermore, parts of the Werkbund exhibition “Film and Photo,” which was on view in 1929/30, are being reconstructed physically and virtually.


25.10.19 - 02.11.19

Directed at young pianists, these masterclasses, first held in 1972, address multiple aspects of pianistic technique and interpretation with free choice of programme. A maximum of 12 pianists will actively take part. The teaching sessions are open to the public and entry for visitors is free!

„Fire & Ice“– Late-Night-Shopping

18:00 - 22:00

Late-Night-Shopping "Fire & Ice" in Darmstadt's city centre. Enjoy open shops until 10 pm and lots of walking acts and fire shows. The Christmas Market is open until 11 pm.

Highlights 2019

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Events in the Rhine-Main region

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