Calender of Events 2020

Darmstadt offers a variety of events, be it the big or small traditional festivals, cultural highlights or special exhibitions in the Darmstadt's museums.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Life necessities of everyday life

24.11.19 - 23.02.20

The Bauhaus student Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900 to 1990) is considered one of the most famous pioneers of German industrial design. He designed clear, expedient, beautiful forms: his home, kitchen and table utensils, cutlery, porcelain dishes, glasses, vases are characteristic examples of contemporary form of the twenties to sixties in the most important museums in the world and enjoy great appreciation as role models. Some of his designs are produced as classics to this day.

Olaf Nicolai

07.12.19 - 29.03.20

The Institut Mathildehöhe Darmstadt will show a solo exhibition of the artist and Wilhelm Loth Prize winner Olaf Nicolai at the Artists‘ Colony Museum. Olaf Nicolai is internationally considered as one of the outstanding German artists who works with a variety of media. At the Mathildenhöhe, the artist will present work in various media, which interact with the historical site and challenge our views of the everday world.

SUPER! Ellen Akimoto - Mona Broschár - Iva na de Vivanco - Franca Franz - Stefanie Pojar

26.01.20 - 05.04.20

SUPER! is a group exhibition featuring five young female painters, who share not only the passion for their medium, but also a common generational background.

RADAR II. Current Projects from Art Schools

01.02.20 - 12.04.20

In spring 2020, the Kunstforum of the TU Darmstadt will continue the exhibition series RADAR with young artists of renowned art colleges.

Kraftwerk Block Beuys

14.02.20 - 24.05.20

Joseph Beuys is the man with the hat, the felt and the fat corner. As a pioneer of a politically, socially committed and environmentally conscious art, he is today more up-to-date as a visionary. Many see in him a shaman or a charismatic showmaster, others a charlatan, a magician and mystic. Provocative, idealistic, always with catchy slogans, Beuys merges life and art. In his claim Beuys was universal and combined art, science and spirituality.

Helmut Lortz. Narrative Line – Early Drawings

23.02.20 - 24.05.20

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Darmstadt artist Helmut Lortz (1920-2007), the Kunst Archiv is showing early drawings from its own collection. Helmut Lortz is one of the outstanding Darmstadt artists of the 20th century. As a painter, graphic artist, photographer, book designer, illustrator, university teacher, emblematic artist and poster artist, he combined immense creativity with exuberant genius.

Mobility Fair Darmstadt - with Sunday shopping

04.04.20 - 05.04.20
11 am - 6 pm

"Mobility Fair Darmstadt" - with Sunday shopping

This weekend there is a varied programme for the whole family in the city centre. Companies and organisations around the topic of mobility inform and present their latest products. The shops of the city centre are open on Sunday from 1 to 6 pm.

Datterichs weekly market

04.04.20 - 10.10.20
8 am - 2 pm

Datterichs weekly market - From April to October every first Saturday of the month Darmstadt's weekly market on the market square offers a special programme with music, activities for children, seasonal food tastings and much more.

Already repaired or still to be saved? - On dealing with everyday things and museums

04.04.20 - 04.04.21

The rules in the museum are different from those in everyday life. While objects of daily use are repaired, reused or maintained, the museum tries to change them as little as possible. The traces of time should be preserved, as they are important contemporary witnesses in the way society deals with its history.


The MUSEUM Jagdschloss Kranichstein searches for traces and makes the story behind the repairs and restorations of paintings, textiles, weapons and furniture visible.

The Commercial Art of Helmut Lortz. Celebrating his 100th Birthday

05.04.20 - 07.06.20

Helmut Lortz (1920-2007) is widely known in the region as an artist of erotically cheerful, floral and landscape paintings and designer of the Heinerfest posters. Less well known is his unique work as a commercial artist, with which he set standards worldwide and made a name of himself internationally as a graphic designer. After all, Helmut Lortz was the first German member of the "Alliance graphique internationale" in 1954, a globally networked group of leading graphic designers of commercial art.

Exhibition to the history of Akaflieg

23.04.20 - 18.06.20

In the entrance area of the TU Darmstadt karo5 (later in the lecture hall and media center on the Lichtwiese), an exhibition with billboards and showcases will be set up. Prominent milestones and personalities as well as the role of Akaflieg in the past 100 years will be presented here. In addition, documents and exhibits from the university archive will be displayed.

11. Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie: Perspectives – Strategies of Photographic Action

24.04.20 - 03.05.20

The international festival is meanwhile named as one of most important German photography events. It places relevant themes and cultivates an interdisciplinary discourse in photography. For a whole weekend, numerous activities throw a light on the focus topic from different perspectives: with photo exhibitions, a symposium, discussions and the Merck-Prize awards ceremony.

Quirky escape. Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie

24.04.20 - 03.05.20

In 2020, for the third time, the Kunstforum of the TU Darmstadt will be showing the "Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie". The eleventh edition of the festival is dedicated to the subject of "Quirky escape - humor in photography". It is about works whose distanced or displaced perspective gives us new perspectives and insights - and casually, evidently or subtly develop their own sense of humour.

COHABITATION Joachim Brohm – Ute Mahler – John Myers

25.04.20 - 12.07.20

The exhibition COHABITATION, conceived by Ralph Goertz, combines three photographic positions from the 1970s and 1980s by Joachim Brohm, Ute Mahler and John Myers. As different as the artistic point of views may seem at first sight, they complement each other in their individual view of social and private structures and habits. The exhibition is part of the Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie (DTdF) 2020.

Heide Stolz - Affair

25.04.20 - 12.07.20

In the 1960s, Heide Uta Stolz created a pioneering photographic work in the vicinity of the Munich avant-garde and the Heiner Friedrichs gallery, which - like many artists of her generation - has only been discovered (again) for a few years. The 11th Darmstadt Days of Photography and the Kunsthalle Darmstadt show in the exhibition 'Heide Stolz, curated by Stefan-Maria Mittendorf. affairs 'a selection of 70 of her recordings, including works that are being made available to the public for the first time.

Darmstadt Spring Fair

01.05.20 - 11.05.20
14:00 - 22:00

Darmstadt Spring Fair Traditional fair on the Messplatz.

From 2 pm to 10 pm, the spring fair invites you daily to take a stroll along the fairground rides, the sales and food stalls. Enjoy meeting friends, taking rollercoaster rides and having fun.

CRISTOF YVORÉ A cooperation with FRAC Provence-Alpes Sud-Côte d´Azur und dem FRAC Auvergne

16.05.20 - 27.09.20

In his painting, Cristof Yvoré (1967 - 2013) uses reminiscent images in which a recognisable everyday is reduced to its simplest form of expression. A spot of light on the wall of a room, the folds on the bottom of a drawn curtain, a table with a vase on it, empty or filled with flowers of all shapes and colours. These quiet still lifes, which Yvoré consistently paints for many years and for which he refuses to provide a theoretical background, appear isolated from any form of contemporary influence.

International Museum Day 2020


The International Museum Day is proclaimed annually by the International Council of Museums ICOM and will take place in 2020 for the 43rd time. The aim of the Day of Action is to draw attention to the thematic variety of the more than 6,500 museums in Germany and the museums worldwide. Each year, the Day of Action is under a changing motto, proclaimed by the International Council of Museums ICOM, highlighting the different focuses of museum work, picking up current topics and referring to the thematic diversity of our rich museum landscape.

Days of Railworld

21.05.20 - 24.05.20

Shuttle services every hour with historic trains hauled by historic steam, diesel and electric locos as well as additional historic tramway shuttle from Darmstadt main station to the railway museum. Exhibition and extensive programm of railway history and technology in the museum, also attractive for children.

Schlossgrabenfest - Music festival around the castle

28.05.20 - 31.05.20

Schlossgrabenfest - Darmstadt's city centre turns into an unique festival scenery for Hessen's biggest music festival. On four stages around the residential palace, more than 100 live acts from almost all musical genres of rock&pop, alternative, hip hop, cover and singer&songwriter to slam-poetry perform on foer stages. Big and international bands have their performances as well as local artists and new discoveries.

"Darmstadt unter Strom" with Late-Night-Shopping


On 12. Juni, Darmstadt's city centre is once again "electrified": the late-night shopping "Darmstadt unter Strom" offers fascinating walk-acts, musicians and other energetic actions which turn night into day. An evening full of enterteinment, where you can shop until 10 pm and enjoy a pleasent and relaxed evening.

Day of the city economy


Energy, affordable housing, local public transport, cultural offers and disposal or a maximum care hospital. The companies of the Darmstädter Stadtwirtschaft offer the citizens daily high-quality services of general interest. How comprehensive and versatile this offer is, the companies show at the day of the city economy. Under the motto "Darmstadt in the heart" and accompanied by an attractive programme, the companies will present themselves to the citizens on 20.06.2020 in Darmstadt's city centre.

Gifted, Donated and Acquired. A Hommage to the Patrons Lore Reinheimer, Ruth Frohnmayer and Karin Dietz

21.06.20 - 04.09.20

The collection of the Kunst Archiv lives fn generous donations. With the acquisition of large parts of the estate of Lore Reinheimer, works by Eberhard Schlotter, Helmut Lander, Fritz Vahle, Helmut Lortz and Bernd Krimmel became part ot the inventory of the Kunst Archiv. And with the gift of Ruth Frohnmayer works by Thomas Duttenhoefer, Pierre Kröger and Fritz Schwarzbeck. Karin Dietz donated monochrome paintings by Bruno Erdmann to the Kunst Archiv. With the exhibition, the Kunst Archiv thanks the three collectors.

Carte Blanche for Tomás Saraceno

26.06.20 - 27.09.20

For the jubilee year, the museum invites the Argentine artist Tomás Saraceno, who is known to an international audience with his mostly room-filling, three-dimensional space capsules. His installations show living concepts and are at the same time a symbol of interaction and social networking. At the Venice Biennale in 2009, he explored alternative life strategies under the title "Galaxies Forming Along Filaments, Like Droplets Along the Strands of a Spider's Web," with a spatial installation of crystal PVC sculptures and elastic ropes.

Heinerfest - Traditional fair in the city centre

02.07.20 - 06.07.20

Celebrating the 70th Heinerfest! It´s a fair for the whole family: The Heinerfest in Darmstadt, which is celebrated in the city centre all around the residential palace of Darmstadt. 700.000 visitors can have a good time at the Heinerfest - with its about 150 cultural events free of charge. Music-lovers can choose between eight open air-stages with a huge variety of music, dance performances, comedy or theatre. Courageous people may enjoy rides on the newest high-tech merry-go-rounds or roller-coasters. To someone who prefers a less exciting attraction a trip on the ferris wheel offers a beautiful view of the whole city. Cosmopolitan find a meeting place with an international atmosphere at the "Friedensplatz" opposite the Hessian State Museum Darmstadt.

Rembrandt Competition. A Princely Contest.

09.07.20 - 04.10.20

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Hessian State Museum Darmstadt, the exhibition »Rembrandt Competition. A Princely Contest "gives an insight into the beginnings of the Darmstadt collection.

Rembrandt embodies the Golden Age of Baroque in Dutch art like no other. Like a century before Albrecht Dürer put woodcut and engraving on the same level, Rembrandt placed the etching artistically on a par with his painting.

International Summer Courses for New Music

18.07.20 - 01.08.20

International summer academy, discourse platform and music festival: for over 70 years, the Darmstadt Summer Courses have been one of the world’s most important „hot spots“ and catalysts for current and experimental music. Every two years in the summer, all day long, for two weeks.

20th Festival at the Residence

31.07.20 - 09.08.20

Places in Darmstadt and its surroundings which are significant in art history become atmospheric performance venues. The events mostly take place under the open sky. Artists from whole europe offer a colourful mixture of different art forms - music from pop to classic, theatre, dance and literature.

27th Just for Fun - Street Theatre Festival Darmstadt

05.08.20 - 08.08.20

Darmstadt's squares become the stage! For the 27th time, the Just for Fun Street Theatre Festival Darmstadt will present high-profile street theater from all over the world. The performances range from breathtaking artistry to subtle clownery. Exceptional characters and unrivaled playfulness of the artists are guaranteed. Thousands of fans make the festival an unforgettable highlight in Darmstadt's cultural life.

Days of Industrial Culture Rhine-Main

08.08.20 - 16.08.20

There is something for everyone: The series of events on the topic of industrial culture in the region provides a vivid and authentic experience for the general public - and for all ages. The "Days of Industrial Culture" are for all the inhabitants of the region and for guests who want to understand how the region works, what it does for industrial production, what the economic and cultural foundations look like - and what all this has to do with one's own everyday life.

Darmstadt Arts and Crafts Market

15.08.20 - 16.08.20
10:00 - 18:00

Roundabout 90 craftsmen and artists present their work on the arts and crafts market and present a diversity of jewellery, pottery, wood work, art, textile design and much more. Numerous artists also demonstrate their craft.

Christopher Street Day


Darmstadt has its own Christopher Street Day since 2011 and it's the largest event for and by LGBT people in Darmstadt. The CSD displays what everyone already knows: sexual and gender diversity are part of a city society and must be protected and supported. Anyone who is visiting, demonstrating, discussing and celebrating the CSD not only experiences a great day, but at the same time sends out a signal for a diverse and colourful urban society, for equal rights in all areas of life and against intolerance, homophobia and transphobia. The CSD Darmstadt is organised by the club vielbunt e.V.

Wine Festival Darmstadt

03.09.20 - 06.09.20

Every first weekend in September the Wilhelminenstraße transforms into Darmstadt's wine festival. From Thursday (3.) to Sunday (6.) winemakers and food stalls from Darmstadt and the surrounding area invite you to taste, enjoy and relax. On Sunday, additionally the shops of Darmstadt's city are open from 1 to 6 pm.

Two-Dimensional and Monochrome – Tranquility and Motion. Art Prints by Robert Preyer around 1960

13.09.20 - 18.12.20

For 20 years, Robert Preyer (1930-2014) belonged to Darmstadt's art scene, living in the "City of Arts" since 1958. From his inheritance, the Kunst Archiv received large parts of the prints, etchings, lithographs and mixed techniques. The sheets live through a breathing, colour-coordinated flatness that evokes space and silence. The exhibition is dedicated to Robert Preyer's 90th birthday.

Genaro Strobel - Woodcut [AT]

13.09.20 - 03.01.21

Genaro Strobel, Charlotte Prince scholarship holder of the city of science Darmstadt until autumn 2020, uses one of the oldest printing techniques with the woodcut and also transforms it into the 21st century by integrating precise laser technology. He has been producing woodcuts since 2010 using a printing technique he developed himself, which he refined during his residency in Darmstadt. Instead of expressively connoted manual work, there is the precise cutting of machines that produce printing blocks in human-like subtlety according to templates created on the computer. The process opens the woodcut not only for image sources such as drawing, collage and photography, but also for large formats.

Darmstadt Autumn Fair

25.09.20 - 05.10.20
14:00 - 22:00

The traditional autumn fair in Darmstadt takes place from the 25th September to 5th of October 2020. From 2 pm to 10 pm, there will be many rides and attractions for children of various ages, a sales market and a spice market to stroll, enjoy, meet friends and have fun.

Green Stuff. Plant Pictures from Seven Centuries.

06.11.20 - 07.02.21

Alexander Humboldt (1769 - 1859) visited numerous botanical gardens in Europe in preparation for his trip and dealt intensively with botany. Parallel to the current exhibition "American Heiner: A Mamoth making History", the graphic collection presents a colourful bouquet with around 60 plant pictures on paper from the 15th century to the present day.

American Heiner. A Mammoth making History. In Cooperation with the Smithsonian American Art Museum

06.11.20 - 07.02.21

The Darmstadt mammoth is American, a mastodon, and a sensation in paleontology history: in 1801, it was the first museum-assembled skeleton of an extinct large animal in the US and so significant that american president Thomas Jefferson considered the site a national affair and Alexander von Humboldt visited it during his trip to the United States. Around 1850, the skeleton came via a number of detours to Darmstadt. For more than one hundred and fifty years it has been a Darmstädter or, as one says here, a true Heiner. The exhibition "American Heiner" traces the history of this world-famous fossil elephant skeleton, which, according to its discoverer, is also called "Peale's Mastodon".

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