Calender of Events 2022

+++ Due to COVID-19, there may be restrictions or short-term changes to events and exhibitions. +++


Darmstadt offers a variety of events, be it the big or small traditional festivals, cultural highlights or special exhibitions in the Darmstadt's museums.

HILDE ROTH. A time travel through Darmstadt 1950 – 1990

29.05.21 - 28.02.22

“HILDE ROTH. A journey through time through Darmstadt 1950–1990 ”is the first time that the Kunstforum of the TU Darmstadt is dedicating an exhibition to the photographer and post-war reporter Hilde Roth. It is thus continuing its successful series of exhibitions in the urban outdoor space, which began with "TRAUTES HEIM" at the 11th Darmstadt Photography Days in autumn 2020. Hilde Roth's photographic work will be presented in ten central locations in the city. The show shows around 220 black and white photographs on large-format picture cubes and weatherproof presentations as well as 800 works as a digital photo album on monitors.

John Gerrard. Lufkin (near Hugo, Colorado)

21.06.21 - 20.06.22

For a year, the clocks in the foyer of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt will be different. From 21. Juni 2021 to 20. June 2022, a slow machine ballet will take place there to the rhythm of the American Mountain Time time zone. ‹Lufkin (near Hugo, Colorado)›, one of the early real-time simulations by Irish artist John Gerrard from 2009, can also be observed from the forecourt and can be seen differently around the clock.

Nguyen Xuan Huy. Une journée horizontale

04.09.21 - 30.01.22

‹The Raft of the Medusa› (1819) in the Louvre in Paris may be the first thing that comes to mind to the observer trained in Western art history. Théodore Géricault's ship disaster survivors, however, are confronted with Nguyen by a young group of travelers who convey a feeling of harmlessness. The artist Nguyen Xuan Huy, who originally came from Vietnam and has lived in Germany for a long time, combined a number of quotes with his own study of nudes and nature in a collage-like manner in his 320 x 600 cm composition, 'Une journée Horizontal' (2020), which is unusually large for him. Realism and surrealism in combination make it possible: The whole thing functions as both a parable of our time and a visionary look into the future.

albinmüller³. architect designer teacher

03.10.21 - 27.02.22

In autumn 2021, the Institute Mathildenhöhe will celebrate the 150th birthday of the architect, designer and spatial artist Albin Müller. The exhibition in the Museum Artists' Colony places a special focus on Müller's mutual activity as artist-designer and teacher in the years 1900 to 1914.

Once upon a time... Childhood at court

22.10.21 - 13.02.22

Once upon a time there was a brave prince and a beautiful princess... - that's how fairy tales that tell of an alleged carefree life, precious clothes and magnificent castles begin.


But what was everyday life really like for royal children growing up at a small princely court like Hesse-Darmstadt?


Being born to rule meant above all discipline and obedience, as personal well-being must take second place to higher dynastic interests. From birth, every public appearance was in the service of representation. Training and education served to prepare the children to play their role at court as perfectly as possible.


The exhibition focuses on the numerous portraits of children preserved in the House of Hesse from the late 16th to the early 20th century. Baptismal gifts, baby bottles and tin soldiers, timetables, canes and pincushions also provide an insight into the everyday life of the young princes and princesses through the centuries.

dazz – Jazz Winter Darmstadt

14.01.22 - 23.01.22

Throughout 10 days in January, "dazz - Jazz Winter Darmstadt" celebrates the vibrant music scene in our city. More than 10 venues present jazz concerts and improvising art performances in all kinds of cultural settings.

American Heiner. A Mammoth making History. In Cooperation with the Smithsonian American Art Museum

25.03.22 - 19.06.22

Hardly anyone knows: the Darmstadt mammoth is American and a sensation in the history of paleontology. In 1801 it was the first skeleton mounted in a museum in North America and so important that the American President Thomas Jefferson regarded its excavation as a national matter and Alexander von Humboldt saw it at the end of his 1804 American trip visited. In 1854 the skeleton came to Darmstadt via detours. So it has been Darmstadt or, as they say here, a real "Heiner" for over 150 years.

The Princely Garden Festival Hofgut Kranichstein

29.04.22 - 01.05.22

The Princely Garden Festival has a new venue: the Hofgut Kranichstein in Darmstadt. The renowned event will be held there for the first time in 2022. From 29 April to 1 May, selected exhibitors will present themselves around the themes of garden, nature and country living.

Schlossgrabenfest - Music festival around the castle

02.06.22 - 05.06.22

Darmstadt's city centre turns into an unique festival scenery for Hessen's biggest music festival. On four stages around the residential palace, 60 live acts from almost all musical genres of rock&pop, alternative, hip hop, cover and singer&songwriter to slam-poetry perform on four stages. Big and international bands have their performances as well as local artists and new discoveries.

Darmstadt Arts and Crafts Market

20.08.22 - 21.08.22

Roundabout 90 craftsmen and artists present their work on the arts and crafts market and present a diversity of jewellery, pottery, wood work, art, textile design and much more. Numerous artists also demonstrate their craft.

Remember Venice! Bernardo Bellotto draws.

20.10.22 - 15.01.23

On the occasion of his 300th birthday, the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt is celebrating the artist with the large exhibition "Bellotto Draws" (working title). The bundle of Bellotto drawings has been in the HLMD's holdings since 1829. It entered the museum's collection along with four drawings by Bellotto's uncle and teacher Canal. What is special is that all sheets come from one and the same source, namely the estate of the artist himself. So far, this collection has only been exhibited once, namely in 1981 in Darmstadt. 40 years later, the renewed presentation promises significant new insights.

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