Current information on COVID-19

Due to the current health situation, various restrictions are still in place. You can read more about these & other restrictions imposed by the general decree here.

Among other things, this means:
Museums and leisure facilities are reopened - sometimes with restrictions. Information on opening times can be found in the overview of museums and leisure facilities.

An overview of current exhibitions in Darmstadt's museums and cultural insitiutions is listed in the "Highlights" section.

Numerous events were also canceled.

Calender of Events 2020

Darmstadt offers a variety of events, be it the big or small traditional festivals, cultural highlights or special exhibitions in the Darmstadt's museums.

SUPER! Ellen Akimoto - Mona Broschár - Iva na de Vivanco - Franca Franz - Stefanie Pojar

26.01.20 - 26.07.20

SUPER! is a group exhibition featuring five young female painters, who share not only the passion for their medium, but also a common generational background.

Kraftwerk Block Beuys

14.02.20 - 20.09.20

Joseph Beuys is the man with the hat, the felt and the fat corner. As a pioneer of a politically, socially committed and environmentally conscious art, he is today more up-to-date as a visionary. Many see in him a shaman or a charismatic showmaster, others a charlatan, a magician and mystic. Provocative, idealistic, always with catchy slogans, Beuys merges life and art. In his claim Beuys was universal and combined art, science and spirituality.

Helmut Lortz 100. Narrative Line – Early Drawings

23.02.20 - 11.09.20

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Darmstadt artist Helmut Lortz (1920-2007), the Kunst Archiv is showing early drawings from its own collection. Helmut Lortz is one of the outstanding Darmstadt artists of the 20th century. As a painter, graphic artist, photographer, book designer, illustrator, university teacher, emblematic artist and poster artist, he combined immense creativity with exuberant genius.

The Commercial Art of Helmut Lortz. Celebrating his 100th Birthday

26.05.20 - 23.08.20

Helmut Lortz (1920-2007) is widely known in the region as an artist of erotically cheerful, floral and landscape paintings and designer of the Heinerfest posters. Less well known is his unique work as a commercial artist, with which he set standards worldwide and made a name of himself internationally as a graphic designer. After all, Helmut Lortz was the first German member of the "Alliance graphique internationale" in 1954, a globally networked group of leading graphic designers of commercial art.

25 Years UNESCO World Heritage Messel Pit Fossil Site

18.08.20 - 25.04.21

Since 1874, the oldest and one of the most important collections of Messel fossils, which were recovered from oil shale that was around 48 million years old, have been on display in the museum. The Messel Collection is one of the figureheads of the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt and a special cultural asset of the State of Hesse. In addition, the fossil deposit Grube Messel near Darmstadt was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as the first German natural monument in 1995, because it allows a unique insight into the early evolution of mammals. This award from the Messel pit will mark its 25th anniversary in 2020.

Wine Festival Darmstadt

03.09.20 - 06.09.20

Unfortunately, the Darmstadt Wine Festival cannot take place in 2020.


For the period in which the Darmstadt Wine Festival would have revitalized Wilhelminenstrasse, we are planning a bottle sale on Friedensplatz together with the winegrowers.

More information on this as well as an overview of all winegrowers who would have been present at the Darmstadt Wine Festival 2020 will follow shortly.

Already repaired or still to be saved? - On dealing with things in everyday life and museums

05.09.20 - 26.09.21

The rules in the museum are different from those in everyday life. While objects of daily use are repaired, reused or maintained, the museum tries to change them as little as possible. The traces of time should be preserved, as they are important contemporary witnesses in the way society deals with its history.


The MUSEUM Jagdschloss Kranichstein searches for traces and makes the story behind the repairs and restorations of paintings, textiles, weapons and furniture visible.

Two-Dimensional and Monochrome – Tranquility and Motion. Art Prints by Robert Preyer around 1960

13.09.20 - 18.12.20

For 20 years, Robert Preyer (1930-2014) belonged to Darmstadt's art scene, living in the "City of Arts" since 1958. From his inheritance, the Kunst Archiv received large parts of the prints, etchings, lithographs and mixed techniques. The sheets live through a breathing, colour-coordinated flatness that evokes space and silence. The exhibition is dedicated to Robert Preyer's 90th birthday.

Heide Stolz. Affairs

13.09.20 - 03.01.21

As part of the 11th Darmstadt Days of Photography, the Kunsthalle Darmstadt is showing two exhibitions with "Heide Stolz. Affairs" and "Zusammenleben. Joachim Brohm, Ute Mahler, John Myers", each with its own focus on people.


In the 1960s, Heide Stolz created a pioneering photographic work in the vicinity of the Munich avant-garde and the Heiner Friedrich Gallery, which - like many artists of her generation - has only been (re) discovered for a few years. The 11th Darmstadt Days of Photography and the Kunsthalle Darmstadt show in the exhibition "Heide Stolz. Affairs" curated by Stefan-Maria Mittendorf a selection of 60 of their photographs, including works that are being made available to the public for the first time.


Joachim Brohm – Ute Mahler – John Myers: Zusammenleben

13.09.20 - 03.12.20

As part of the 11th Darmstadt Days of Photography, the Kunsthalle Darmstadt is showing two exhibitions with "Heide Stolz. Affären" and "Zusammenleben. Joachim Brohm, Ute Mahler, John Myers", each focusing on people in their own unique way.


The exhibition "Zusammenleben", designed by Ralph Goertz, combines photographic positions by Joachim Brohm, Ute Mahler and John Myers from the 1970s and 1980s. With different questions and strategies, but with a similar intention, all three looked at their fellow human beings in an early phase of the work. Extensive image cycles emerged from projects lasting several years, which, although they have a documentary character, also testify to a deeper interest in human interaction.

Darmstadt Autumn Fair

25.09.20 - 05.10.20
14:00 - 22:00

The traditional autumn fair in Darmstadt takes place from the 25th September to 5th of October 2020. From 2 pm to 10 pm, there will be many rides and attractions for children of various ages, a sales market and a spice market to stroll, enjoy, meet friends and have fun.

Carte Blanche for Tomás Saraceno

25.09.20 - 31.01.21

For the jubilee year, the museum invites the Argentine artist Tomás Saraceno, who is known to an international audience with his mostly room-filling, three-dimensional space capsules. His installations show living concepts and are at the same time a symbol of interaction and social networking. At the Venice Biennale in 2009, he explored alternative life strategies under the title "Galaxies Forming Along Filaments, Like Droplets Along the Strands of a Spider's Web," with a spatial installation of crystal PVC sculptures and elastic ropes.


24.10.20 - 28.02.21

Autumn exhibition 2020: Under the title "STAGING IDENTITY" the Institute Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt illuminates questions about identity against the background of artistic role play in photography and film.


From October 24, 2020 to February 28, 2021, the Mathildenhöhe Institute in Darmstadt is showing an exhibition in which photography and film are used as a stage for the artistic questioning of identities. When dealing with the themes of identity, its construction, transformation and fiction, the camera is used as a mirror for the staging of the self - or of the other.


Christmas Market in Darmstadt

23.11.20 - 23.12.20

The smell of ginger bread and mulled wine, handicraft and an festive atmosphere put you in the mood for Christmas when strolling around Darmstadt's Christmas Market. Tuesdays and Wednesdays offer special programmme for children with music and interactive quiz. The school choir "Schulspatzen" traditionally performs on Tuesdays. Special about Darmstadt's Christmas Market are the stalls of Darmstadt's many twin cities. Handicraft e.g from Liepaja (Latvia) or culinary specialities like Hungarian Lángos or wine and cheese from Swiss Saanen are awaited eagerly by Darmstädter and visitors every year.

„Fire & Ice“– Late-Night-Shopping

18:00 - 22:00

Late-Night-Shopping "Fire & Ice" in Darmstadt's city centre. Enjoy open shops until 10 pm and lots of walking acts and fire shows. The Christmas Market is open until 11 pm.

American Heiner. A Mammoth making History. In Cooperation with the Smithsonian American Art Museum

26.03.21 - 20.06.21

The Darmstadt mammoth is American, a mastodon, and a sensation in paleontology history: in 1801, it was the first museum-assembled skeleton of an extinct large animal in the US and so significant that american president Thomas Jefferson considered the site a national affair and Alexander von Humboldt visited it during his trip to the United States. Around 1850, the skeleton came via a number of detours to Darmstadt. For more than one hundred and fifty years it has been a Darmstädter or, as one says here, a true Heiner. The exhibition "American Heiner" traces the history of this world-famous fossil elephant skeleton, which, according to its discoverer, is also called "Peale's Mastodon".

Joseph Beuys. Ulysses

12.05.21 - 01.08.21

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Joseph Beuys on May 12, 2021, the exhibition »Joseph Beuys. Ulysses« for the first time shows all six booklets by Joseph »Beuys extends the Ulysses by six further chapters on behalf of James Joyce«, as a complete work. Thanks to digitisation and new presentation methods, the exhibition makes it possible for the first time to visualise all 355 drawings of the six booklets. Beuys' immense potential of his artistic ideas and energies, which was previously closed and hidden between the six black notebooks, is now finally open to the viewer and made accessible.

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