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  • Noisy monkeys, colourful birds, tropical fish and exotic reptiles are at home in natural enclosures, terrariums and aquariums. 2,000 exotic and native animals of 190 species live on 5 hectares. The walk-in kangaroo facility and the petting zoo with African pygmy goats offer close-up animal observation.


    Participation in numerous national and international breeding programs underlines the conservation work in Darmstadt's zoo. Several important breeding groups of endangered reptile and mammal species live here.


    The zoo school offers the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting facts about the animals. In the extracurricular learning location "Zoo Vivarium Darmstadt", the little guests experience biology lessons with all their senses - seeing, hearing, smelling and touching.




    Forest and meadow adventure path with barefoot path and discovery game in the zoo Vivarium



    Partner of the DARMSTADT CARD:

    reduced admission for adults




    The zoo as an event location

    Are you looking for an extraordinary location with a special atmosphere for business or private events? At Darmstadt Zoo Vivarium you can turn your event into an unforgettable experience - whether seminars, celebrations, presentations or other festivities.

    - Zoo school for up to 45 people

    - Aquarium hall for up to 60 people

    - Piazza (outdoor area) for up to 100 people

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    Schnampelweg 5

    64287 Darmstadt


    +49 6151 1346900



    Opening Hours

    Daily: 09:00-19:00

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