The Ostparkweg: From the market square to the Darmbach source or to the Oberwaldhaus

Ostparkweg, fish ponds

The Ostparkweg leads from Darmstadt's city centre along the Darmbach to the east, to the Darmbach source behind the Fischerhütte or as an alternative to the Oberwaldhaus at the Steinbrücker Teich.

The Ostparkweg connects the recreational areas close to the city such as the Rudolf-Müller-Anlage, the Woog, the area around the Botanical Garden with the forest behind the Lichtwiese to the Darmbach source or via the Oberfeld to the leisure area at the Steinbrücker Teich.

From the market square to the Darmbach source: approx. 5.5 km

The Ostparkweg starts at the market fountain on the market square. From there, it leads through the pedestrian underpass at the Stadtkirche to the Justus-Liebig-Haus and through Kaplaneigasse to the Datterich-Brunnen.

We continue past the Jugendstilbad over the Teichhausstrasse in the direction of the Rudolf-Müller-Anlage. Here the Darmbach disappears into the canal.

On Beckstrasse it goes up to Woogsdamm. Here the Ostparkweg leads east on the southern Woogsdamm. The path runs along the Darmbach, past the new Woogspark between Woog & Froschweg to the TSG site.

On the TSG site, follow the Darmbach to the Botanical Garden. Here the Ostparktweg branches off to the left and to the right.

Turn right towards Vivarium, further along the Darmbach.

The Schnampelweg leads into the forest and on to Matthias-Claudius-Ruhe. Passing the fish ponds and the Fischerhütte you reach the destination of the Ostparkweg, the Darmbach source.

From the market square to the Oberwaldhaus: approx. 6.4 km

From the fountain on the market square, the path follows the route towards the Darmbach spring.

At the junction at the Botanical Garden, take the path to the left towards Oberwaldhaus.

Cross the train tracks, and walk past the Judenteich to the Drei-Brunnen-Anlage/Meiereibach Brunnen at Hofgut Oberfeld.

From the Hofgut Oberfeld on Erbacherstrasse, the path continues past the cow stables to the Oberfeld. Follow the Scheftheimer Weg to the edge of the forest and then along the edge of the forest, to the Brunnersweg and then down the Gartenschneise through the forest to the Oberwaldhaus at the Steinbrücker Teich.

Route of the Ostparkweg

Marking of the Ostparkweg

The Ostparkweg ist marked with the following signs along the route.

Ostparkweg: elevation profile

Here you can see the elevation profile of the Ostparkweg along the entire route:

elevation profile Marktplatz - Darmbachquelle

elevation profile Marktplatz - Oberwaldhaus

Cafés and restaurants along the Ostparkweg

The café and restaurant WOOG is located directly on the Woog. Here you can enjoy food and drink with a view of the lake.

Beckstr. 44
64287 Darmstadt


Ristorante Vivarium
In addition to fine wines, the Italian restaurant also offers culinary delights. In summer there is seating outside on a large terrace.

Schnampelweg 4
64287 Darmstadt


Restaurant Fischerhütte
For a short break after a walk in the forest, the Fischerhütte restaurant offers coffee and cake or freshly prepared food.

An den Fischteichen
64287 Darmstadt


Hofcafé Oberfeld
The Hofcafé offers delicious homemade cakes and specialty coffees that can be enjoyed outdoors. Warm meals are also available at lunchtime.

Erbacher Str. 125
64287 Darmstadt


Café Restaurant Oberwaldhaus
The Oberwaldhaus offers specialties and regional dishes as well as delicious cakes and a lovely beer garden.

Dieburger Str. 257
64287 Darmstadt 

Stops of public transport at the Ostparkweg

bus stop Jugendstilbad sowie bus stop Elisabethenstift/Woog 

Bus RH/ MO1/ NH /RHX /X71 /X74 /X78 /671 /672 /673 /674 /693


bus stop Bot. Garten/Vivarium

Bus 671 /672 /673 /674 /677 /681 /682 /684 /693


bus stop Hofgut Oberfeld

Bus RH/ MO1 /NH


bus stop Oberwaldhaus

Bus F/ F/U