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When Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig invited seven young artists of the Art Nouveau movement to Mathildenhöhe in 1899, this marked the birth of the Darmstadt Artists' Colony, which existed until 1914. In four large exhibitions, the artists showed their idea of a modern, artistically designed living environment. Thus, on the "Musenhügel" (Hill of the Muses) grew a document of the departure for modern forms of building and living - the starting point for modern industrial design. The Gesamtkunsthwerk Mathildenhöhe.

With the Mathildenhöhe App, you embark on a journey through time on the Mathildenhöhe. Historical views are superimposed on current images to illustrate how Mathildenhöhe developed during the time of the artists' colony and afterwards.


"Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt": download the app

Download the app for iOS or Android in the respective app store on your smartphone.

With the app, you can not only be navigated to the individual locations, but you can also overlay your current perspective with historical images on site using AR (augmented reality).

Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt - for kids

What is the Mathildenhöhe? And how does the application for the title "UNESCO World Heritage" work? The small flyer gives a short information about Mathildenhöhe and about the World Heritage application as well as a site plan with all important buildings. 

Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt for kids (PDF 3,2 MB)

Mathildenhöhe for colouring

The painting templates of Hochzeitsturm and Mathildenhöhe can be downloaded as PDF and printed.

Template Hochzeitsturm

Template Mathildenhöhe