Science Route 4 - Audioguide for tram line 4

  • Hörtour in der Straßenbahn: Wissenschaftslinie 4
  • Hörtour in der Straßenbahn: Wissenschaftslinie 4
  • Darmstadt is the birthplace of numerous inventions which have changed our daily life. International operating companies and research institutions

    have their headquarters here. The „Science Route 4“ informs you, on its way from Kranichstein to Griesheim, about the particularities of the various institutions and companies, from the particle accelerator to multimedia developments, aviation and space travel.


    How it works: Just dial 089-210 833 7131 + number of the corresponding tram stop. You will get instant information on the selected sight. During the audio tour press 4 to go the the previous section or press 6 to go to the next one.


    You can also download the mp3-files on


    01 Bahnhof Kranichstein

    02 Institutszentrum/Esselbornstr.

    03 Gruber-/Siemens-/Borsdorfstr.

    04 Eissporthalle/Nordbad/Messplatz

    05 Rhönring

    06 Pallaswiesenstr./Willy-Brandt-Platz/Luisenplatz

    07 Rhein-/Neckarstr./Berliner Allee

    08 Mozartturm/Maria-Goeppert-Str./Waldfriedhof/Otte-Hesse-Str.

    09 Flughafenstr./St.Stephan/Kantstr.

    10 Wagenhalle/Hans-Karl-Platz/Am Markt/Platz Bar-le-Duc



    Tip: You can also listen to the „Science Route 4“ on tram number 5 and 9. From Bahnhof Kranichstein to Berliner Allee (sections 1 to 7) with tram number 5, from Berliner Allee to Griesheim with tram number 9.

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