Großer Woog - Naturfreibad

Großer Woog - Naturfreibad

The popular bathing lake is located in the center of the town and nevertheless forms an island of peace and seclusion. The "Großer Woog" is not only a place of rest and bathing pleasure. The nature paradise is also a meeting place for many waterfowl, such as Stockenten, Gießhühner and Great Blue Heron. The beautiful spacious park invites you to rest and linger.


The Woog was probably created as a quenching pond in the middle of the 16th century. Around the year 1820 he was first mentioned as a public bathing pond.


The entire ensemble, consisting of "family bath" and "island", is under monument protection. The functional building on the family pool side was rebuilt following the example of the "Frauenbad" ("womens' bath"), which was created in 1927/28, and was handed over to the public in 1994.


Swimming pool "Family Bath"



Swimming pool "Island"



The summer season for the Woog swimming pool is mid May to end of August.




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