Darmstädter Glühweinprinzessin

"Glühwein", hot wine, spiced with e.g. cinnemon, cloves, star ansieed and cardamom, is traditional for all German Christmas Markets.

Every year the Darmstadt "Glühweinprinzessin" ("mulled wine princess / Glühwein Princess") presents the new motif of mulled wine glasses at the opening of the Darmstadt Christmas market. In addition, she is out and about at numerous appointments at the Christmas market and in town during the Advent season, accompanies St. Nicholas on his carriage ride on December 6th and is our ambassador for the Christmas Market.

There is a Darmstadt "Glühweinprinzessin" since 2011. In 2011, in event 'Fashion, Hair & Beauty', in cooperation with the MGC-Miss Germany Corporation, elected the 1st Miss Darmstadt, who at the same time also held the office of the "Glühweinprinzessin". Meanwhile, the annual election of the "Glühweinprinzessin" is a joint project of Citymarketing Darmstadt, Darmstadt Marketing GmbH, Luisencenter Darmstadt, Fotostudio Michels and the Darmstädter Schaustellerverband. The project is accompanied by the FRIZZ Magazine Darmstadt.

The Darmstadt "Glühweinprinzessinnen" since 2011

2023: Laura II.

2022: Marie I.

2021: Lara I. (3. term due to Corona)

2020: Lara I. (2. term due to Corona)

2019: Lara I.

2018: Nathalie I.

2017: Maren I.

2016: Laura I.

2015: Nazila I.

2014: Janina I.


2013: Anja I. (2. term)

2012: Katy I.

2011: Anja I.




2011: Anja I.