Reach out for the stars

Explore Darmstadt with a guide from the programme below. Whether science, culture or life - guides and tours on all subjects are available in Darmstadt. "Darmstadt at a glance", "Reach out for the stars with ESOC" or "Visit the Mathildenhöhe with Martha", decide which facet of Darmstadt you would like to get to know first.

You can book & print out tickets for our guided tours directly online using the calendar of events below or buy them in our tourist information in the Luisencentre or order by telephone on 06151/134513.

Tourism and Convention Bureau

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Tourism and Convention Bureau

Luisenplatz 5, 64283 Darmstadt

Tel.: +49 6151 - 1345-11

Fax: +49 6151 - 1347-5858

Guided tours 2016/2017

The brochure "Darmstadt guided tours 2016/2017" contains all topics and dates of public tours until March 2017. Most tours are in German only, but there are also several tours inEenglish and various other languages on pages 8, 13 and 25.

Audioguides and Apps

With the Audioguides and Apps for your mobile phone you can get information about the most important sights or make a guides tour via tram.