Darmstadt Arts and Crafts Market - 19. and 20. August 2017

The Arts and Crafts Market takes place every year at the 3rd weekend in August. Next year on 19. and 20. August 2017, Saturday 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.


More than 90 craftsmen from all over Germany present their crafts at the Darmstädter market. The offer ranges from crockery and jewellery, art and accessories, large and small decoration objects to bags, toys and much more. Watch some of the craftsman during the manufacturing process with different techniques right at their stalls.

The creativity of the exhibitors knows almost no limits. Books of stone, filigree jewellery in bronze and silver, painted ceramics as well as tasteful pictures and drawings. Customers who want to supplement their collection with a further part of the same series will find just as much as visitors who are looking for a very personal and individual piece.

The exhibitors 2017

Alberti-Becker, Rosi Fashion
Baron-Jessen, Birgit Pillows and pearl gauntlets
Bartel, Marion Stoneware and clay
Bayer, Friedrich Objects made of wood
Birnschein, Ursula Porcellainworks
Boer, Jürgen Jewellery made of silver, gemstones and pearls
Brandhorst, Marie-Luise Garden pottery made of clay
Breitwieser, Liane House- and garden pottery
Brück, Mechthild Puppets, hobbyhorses and doll clothes
Bühler, Iris und Fitting, Bernhard Windmills and wind chimes made of stainlessteal and teak
Diakite, Birgit Boxes made of paper and bookbinding works
Dill-Franke, Hildergard Objects made of clay and metal
Dommel, Karl Brushes
Eckert, Ralph Herb decorations made of metal
Erbach, Christel Pottery and animal figures made of clay
Faldermann-Weiß, Ute und Ihmels, Gabriele Accessories and jewellery made of felt
Fey-Sharifian, Steffi Soap, body and lipcare products
Fischer, Reiner Kinetic objects made of metal
Fleischer, Simone Textile recycling-art
Förster, Gabi Objects made of stone
Fränz, Andreas Smith works made of non-ferrous metal
Friedrich, Ingrid Fashion
Fritz-Albers, Joachim Jewellery made of silver, gold and copper
Füll, Dorothea Clay, ceramic anmd stoneware
Gitt, Nerija Jewellery made of natural stone
Gruß, Maria Jewellery made of pearl and gemstones
Hamm, Anke und Haschert, Bärbel Recycling-products
Haefner, Monika Jewellery made of silver and rubber/fashion
Hapka, Sabine Clothes and accessories for children
Hein, Gabriele Stoneware and ceramics
Heine, Susanne Leather bags and accessories
Holitzka, Bernd Jewellery made of wood
Höhn, Sonja Jewellery made of horn and bones
Hönig, Uschi Pottery made of clay
Hörold, Thomas Hand made writing instruments
Jöckel, Wolfgang Jewellery made of silver, gold and platin
Jung, Linda Scarves made of silk and wool
Jungmann, Petra Decoration cakes and chocolates
Kaczinski, Irmgard Hats and caps made of fabric, straw and different kinds of felt
Kalka, Simone Wooden decorations and handcrafted soaps
Kamender, Christine Fashion
Kir, Doris Hats, headbands and bags
Kirsten, Claudia Hand rolled candles
Kling, Christel 3D-folding cards made of wood and paper
Knopp, Michael Luminaires made of glas
Koch, Markus Steel sculptures
Konrad, Peer Decoration and jewellery made of glas and crystal
Köster, Petra Jewellery with handmade glas pearls
Krey, Peter und Kunath, Sabine Luminaires and objects made of wood
Krüger, Eva und Uwe Jewellery with handmade glas pearls
Leichauer, Engelbert Objects made of metal
Leuteritz, Renate Objects and jewelery made of natural stone
Lipowsky-Shayan, Barbara Jewellery made of gold, silver and gemstones
Marini, Kirsten Pendants with real flowers
Migos, Rosi handmade leather belts
Müller, Angelika Recycling-jewellery made of silver
Münkemüller, Daniela Gift articles for children
Nassiri, Abdelbassit Leatherware
Neeb, Claudia Stoneware and pottery
Neuenschwander, Petra und Res Music instruments
Reibold, Kerstin Garden accessories
Renz, Hanna Leatherware
Riebe, Jürgen Stoneware
Rockel, Manfred Toys made of wood
Rosenboom, Nicole Knitted fasion and accessories
Römer, Gaby Ceramic
Sabeh, Petra Jewellery made of silver, gold and gemstones
Schaffner, Uta Jewellery made of silver, gold, gemstones and minerals
Scherer, Werner Objects made of wood ans metal
Schlegelmilch, Frauke Ceramic
Schlinkert, Barbara Paintings and etchings
Schmidt, Sebastian "Stone books"
Schmitt, Marietta Design-cutlery
Schrade, Rainer Jewellery made of glas
Schuster, Susanne Dolls and puppets
Schwed, Ilse Ponchos, boleros and accessories made of Kaschmir, Moahir, etc.
Schweitzer, Roland Watercolour and acrylic paintings
Schweller, Lin Miniatures, objects and jewellery made of electronic small parts
Sprich-Klein, Anna Etchings, miniatures and jewelery made of copper
Stark, Kerstin Jewelery made of bronze and silver
Stockinger-Schmidt, Ulrike RAKU-ceramic
Stroh, Margit Sculptures and pictures made of wood and cellular concrete
Stroh, Manfred Figures and sculptures
Uhl, Wolfgang Jewellery made of silver and natural stone
Wagner, Uschi Objects made of glas
Weiterschan, Thomas Sculptures made of wood
Weißhaar, Bettina Hats, caps and accessories
Wolf, Jürgen Pictures and scultures made of natural stone, metal and glas
Wolf, Birgit und Gerd Felt works
Wolf, Carmen Fashion made of natural fabrics

Some impressions of the market 2016

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Darmstadt Arts and Crafts Market

18. + 19. August 2018

Gastronomy at the arts and crafts market

If you need a break from strolling over the market, there are several cafés and restaurants along the market square. Fine cake at Café Bormuth, house brewed beer at the Ratskeller, a wide range of food at Café Extrablatt, delicious italian cuisine at Scoozi, asian cuisine at MoschMosch, turkish cuisine at Saray Grillhaus oder simply a wonderful coffee at Café WunderBar.


To relax after the market and enjoy a good meal, visit Restaurant Bockshaut, just a few steps from the market square.