Darmstadt Marketing GmbH

  • Darmstadt Marketing GmbH
  • Darmstadt Marketing GmbH
  • Darmstadt Marketing GmbH ist responsible for city and tourist marketing for the City of Darmstadt. The focus is on science, culture and life. Darmstadt Marketing not only organizes events such as the popular "Darmstadt Days of Art Nouveau" with the illumination festival at Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt Wine Festival or the arts and crafts market, but also a variety of guided tours.


    Hotels as well as package tours, group and supporting programmes can also be booked directly via Darmstadt Marketing.



    The Darmstadt Shop of Darmstadt Marketing is certified for accessibility under the "Reisen für Alle" project. The detailed information can be found here: www.reisen-fuer-alle.de/darmstadt_shop_luisencenter_touristinformation_249.html


    The re-editions of the brochures of the Darmstadt Marketing are printed at least to the letter size PT 12 in order to ensure good readability. Also attention is paid to corresponding contrasts of fonts and images as well as sans-serifs fonts.


    Guided tours can be arranged idvidally and adapted accordingly. All public tours of Darmstadt Marketing can be guided as required (e.g. without steps and stairs). The guides are sensitive to dealing with guests with impairments.

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