Jazzinstitut: Clickin’ with Clax // William Claxton – Photographs

John Coltrane 1960 im New Yorker Guggenheim Museum


Date: 01.06.21

Location: Jazzinstitut Darmstadt


Tags: Exhibitions

“Clickin 'with Clax” pays homage to one of America's most famous jazz photographers: William Claxton. Many of his pictures have achieved cult status and have become the epitome of jazz photography. More than 60 years ago Claxton traveled with the journalist, author and producer Joachim Ernst Berendt, often dubbed the German “jazz pope”, on the trail of jazz through the United States. In addition, William Claxton and the Darmstadt Jazz Institute share a special history. William Claxton, jazz, fashion, advertising and celebraty photographer from California has developed a new type of genre photography with his way of depicting jazz musicians.

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