Genaro Strobel. Size

©Genaro Strobel und VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020


Date: 31.01.21

Location: Kunsthalle Darmstadt


Tags: Exhibitions

Genaro Strobel (*1984, Frankfurt am Main), until autumn 2020 holder of the Charlotte Prince scholarshi of the City of Darmstadt, relies on one of the oldest printing techniques with the woodcut and also transforms it into the 21st century by integrating precise laser technology. He has been producing woodcuts since 2010, using a printing technique he developed himself, which he further refined during his residency scholarship in Darmstadt. Instead of expressively connoted manual work, there is the precise cutting of machines that, with humanly impossible impossibility, produce printing blocks based on templates created on the computer. The process opens the woodcut not only for image sources such as drawing, collage and photography, but also for large formats.