Mossautaler Seife - André Velonjara

  • Mossautaler Seife - André VelonjaraAndré Velonjara
  • Mossautaler Seife - André Velonjara
  • André Velonjara offers handmade body care.


    The recipes are self-developed. He pays attention to regionality where possible. Most body care ingredients come from the Odenwald. Even the beef tallow from Alsbach Hähnlein and the goat milk from a goat farm in Bad König.


    But not everything cannot be grown regionally and some ingredients, such as shea or almond butter, are not local products.


    There are hair soaps with fine beer, toothbrushes whose bristles are made from castor oil, and creams that do not contain any preservatives. The wooden products are made of oiled beech wood, the soap bags are made of sisal.

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    Standtort: Marktplatz


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    Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm


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