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darmstadtium - Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum©darmstadtium

Darmstadt's science and conference centre was built between 2005 and 2007 based on the plans of Talik Chalabi and Paul Schroeder and integrates parts of the old city walls. The complex offers a climate-friendly environment for conferences and is almost completely run on renewable energies. The name of the centre comes from chemical element 110, Darmstadtium, which was discovered in 1994 by the GSI (Society for Heavy Ion Research) in Darmstadt.


The darmstadtium is certified for accessibility in the "Reisen für Alle" project.

- Certified accessibility: accessible for people with walking impairments

- Certified accessibility: (partly) accessible for wheelchair users

The detailed information can be found here: www.reisen-fuer-alle.de/darmstadtium_249.html

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Schlossgraben 1

64283 Darmstadt


+ 49 6151 78060



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