The Spanish Tower

Spanischer Turm

The Spanish Tower on the Rosenhoehe is a curiosity. Not just its purpose but also when it was built and by whom is still today a puzzle. No historical documents are available, leaving plenty of room for speculation.

Karl Esselborn suspects that it was formerly a functional building, maybe a windmill. Perhaps it was always conceived as an elaborately constructed housing for the gardeners. In the 1930s and 1940s, Johannes Koch, who took care of the trees, lived there. When one bears in mind that in 1845 Georg Moller built a similar stepped gabel on the central risalit of hunting lodge, Jagdschloss Kranichstein, one at least has a parallel to the gabel of the Spanish Tower. Moller could have possibly been the designer. The two smaller side wings were added in 1891, according to the fire registry. A frequently told story maintains that the tower was used as a viewing platform for military manoeuvres on the Oberfeld or as a place where the nobility met for tea. It is not even clear where the Spanish Tower gets its name from.

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