Once upon a time... Childhood at court

Es war einmal... Kindheit bei Hofe

Exhibition Schlossmuseum Darmstadt

22.10.2021 until 13.2.2022



Once upon a time there was a brave prince and a beautiful princess... - that's how fairy tales that tell of an alleged carefree life, precious clothes and magnificent castles begin.


But what was everyday life really like for royal children growing up at a small princely court like Hesse-Darmstadt?


Being born to rule meant above all discipline and obedience, as personal well-being must take second place to higher dynastic interests. From birth, every public appearance was in the service of representation. Training and education served to prepare the children to play their role at court as perfectly as possible.


The exhibition focuses on the numerous portraits of children preserved in the House of Hesse from the late 16th to the early 20th century. Baptismal gifts, baby bottles and tin soldiers, timetables, canes and pincushions also provide an insight into the everyday life of the young princes and princesses through the centuries.

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