Easy shopping with the 2G-wristbands

Einkaufen mit den 2G-Bändchen in Darmstadt

In order to simplify shopping or visiting the gastronomy, forgery-proof "2G wristbands" are issued to customers. They contain a QR code and are limited to a few days. If they are taken off, similar to festival wristbands, they break and are automatically invalid. It is therefore impossible to pass on the wristbands. At the time of issue, the certified issuing office will check the 2G proof and photo ID. However, wearing the wristbands does not release you from the requirement to carry the 2G proof and an identity card with you. Several certified issuing points have been selected to issue the wristbands.


Further information and issuing points at www.darmstadt-citymarketing.de

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