Welcome on the Mathildenhöhe

On Saturday, 18 May 2019, the "Welcome to the Mathildenhöhe" event will take place on the south side of the Museum Artists' Colony Darmstadt on Alexandraweg.

The event in the special ambience and flair of the unique area is accompanied by live music as well as small food and drink stalls.

©Nid de Poule

8-9.30 pm: The four musicians of the band Nid de Poule sing to singer Bille Klingspor with the ringing name Nid de Poule. Inspired by the atmosphere of the jazz clubs of the left bank of the Seine in Paris in the thirties, they make a music that cleverly transports the French art of playing with emotions and spansa wide range from deep melancholy to spontaneous joie de vivre.


Snack and drinks bars are provided. A mobile gin bar in the redesigned horse trailer, Dirolls absinthe bar and the bar of OHA Osthang provide for unusual drinks and small snacks.


Thildas Eis will provide the opportunity to cool down with delicious different sorts of ice cream.

Welcome - The Mathildenhöhe in the middle of Europe

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Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt

With the Mathildenhöhe App you go on a journey through time on Mathildenhöhe. Historical views are superimposed with current images and illustrate how the Mathildenhöhe developed during and after the Artists' Colony.