Welcome to Darmstadt

City of Science or Centre of Culture? Darmstadt is both. Like almost no other city, it combines an appreciation of the arts with a passion for science and innovation. Darmstadt still has the charm of a royal capital – at the same time it is a modern city, a laboratory for cultural as well as scientific experiments. The journey started with the forming on the Mathildenhöhe of the Artists' Colony, a group of artists whose exhibitions enjoyed worldwide recognition and who created a link between the Darmstadt art scene and its unique Art Nouveau ensemble.

Things to do in Darmstadt

Time travel on Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt

With the Mathildenhöhe App you go on a journey through time on Mathildenhöhe. Historical views are superimposed with current images and illustrate how the Mathildenhöhe developed during and after the Artists' Colony.


For viewing the web-version and the direct links to the AppStore and Google Play, please click here.

Refill Station - drinking-water for free

In the Darmstadt shop as well as in all cafés, bar and shops with this sticker at the window, it is possible to charge free tap water in an own bottle.

The volunteer project Refill aims to avoid plastic waste, protect the environment, drink good water and inspire people to live more plastic-free. Refill is intended to strengthen and promote the urban community and neighborly togetherness.

Career Night at Fraunhofer SIT

Student job, final thesis or equal scientific staff - the Fraunhofer- Darmstadt offers all possibilities for the entry into a scientific career.

On the 1st of November from 5 to 10 pm, interested students and graduates can directly obtain information about career entry and career opportunities at Fraunhofer.

More information: www.sit.fraunhofer.de/careernight

Hessian State Museum Darmstadt: Stages - Episodes of life

From 28. September 2018 to 27. January 2019 the scientific exhibition "Stages - Episodes of life" shows  different sections in the life cycle of organisms. Life span, environmental factors and metabolism influence the respective life stories, which are conveyed through different thematic stations: metamorphosis and youth, age, "living fossils", growth and time perception. Even entertaining interviews with visitors who answer certain questions are part of the exhibition.

Discover Darmstadt: With "Watch my City"

Discover Darmstadt's city centre interacitve: with the new 360° tour "Watch my city". Beside taking a tour through the pedestrian zone, you can also visit some of the shops and restaurants. Start your tour here.

Darmstadt power bank

Spending your day in Darmstadt and your smartphone's battery is running low? Fully charged power banks can be borrowed in the Darmstadt Shop on Luisenplatz. Rental fee is 15 € and the power bank can be returned within one week if you do not need it anymore. Or keep using it, to keep your phone or tablet going wherever you go.

Datterich´s weekly market

The "Datterich's weekly market" offers on every first Saturday in the month numerous actions for shopping and staying at the Darmstadt weekly market. In addition to the fresh products from the region, visitors can expect the recipe of the month, a "green reading corner from the book guild on the market square, a painting and craft offer for children and the Datterich in person


On the 5th of May the visitors can expect a wine stand and the Datterich in person invites to the tasting of different sorts of white wine and Riesling sparkling wine. The market feeders present their special cheese specialties matching selected wines. So the Darmstadt weekly market is not only suitable for purchasing regional products, but also invites you to a pleasant Saturday morning with a special selection of cheese and wine.

Regional label »grow here«

At the Darmstadt weekly market, it is now easy to determine which foods have grown in the vicinity and had short transport routes. Food from rural districts up to 50 kilometers away receive the award "grow here". In the case of processed foods, this applies if the main ingredient comes from the region and the processing has also taken place there.

Discover Darmstadt with a guided tour

Why not discover the city with a guided tour? Get a general overview of the city with "Darmstadt at a glance", every Sunday at 11 am. And the Museum Artists' Colony Darmstadt offers english tours every 1st Thursday of the month.


The brochure "Darmstadt guided tours 2018/2019" contains all topics and dates of public tours until March 2019. Most tours are in German only, but there are also several tours in english and various other languages on pages 9, 16, 22 and 36.


You can book your ticket online, at the Darmstadt Shop at Luisenplatz or with many tours rigth at the spot with the tour guide.


Darmstadt WiFi

With the Darmstadt WiFi users in the city centre have unlimited use of the urban WLAN network. Just select „WiFi Darmstadt“ in your wifi settings and log on at www.service.thecloud.eu.

Have a look at the map for places and squares with Darmstadt WiFi.

Looking for a Darmstadt souvenir?

Find your perfect Darmstadt souvenirs and little presents in the Darmstadt Shop at the Luisenplatz or in our online-shop.

Guided city walks - buy your ticket online!

Join us for a walk over the Mathildenhöhe, visit the European Space Operations Centre of ESA or have a glance behind the scenes at the State Thetre Darmstadt. Find all tours and tickets online at "Visit - Guided tours".