Darmstadt Service

The staff in the Tourist Information Centre in Darmstadt's Luisencentre has all the answers to your questions: they are standing by with all sorts of tourist information, they can advise you about what is on offer for tourists, they can tell you about guided tours, Darmstadt arrangements and overnight possibilities.

In addition, Darmstadt souvenirs and tickets for events in Darmstadt are also on sale, as well as tickets for events in the region which have been organised by "Darmstädter".

Darmstadt souvenirs

Souvenirs can purchased in the Darmstadt Shop, the tourist information centre at Darmstadt's Luisenplatz, or here directly online.

Sauna towel "Wedding Tower"

Blue towel with woven pattern of the wedding tower. 100% cotton. Size: 180x100cm.

Preis: 29.95 €

Darmstadt umbrella

The new Darmstadt umbrella shows the city's most important sights: Mathildenhöhe, Waldspirale by Hundertwasser, Market Square and Luisenplatz. A very colouful sight when the weather turns bad.


Price: 29.95 €

Lilien souvenirs


For all football fans, there is a small selection of SV Darmstadt 98 souvenirs. For example, a coffee cup and espresso beans for a good start to the day, various stickers, keychains or soothers for the smalles fans.

Snow globe "Mathildenhöhe"

with a panoramic photo of the Wedding Tower, exhibition hall and the Russian Chapel

Price: 5.95 €



Darmstadt Blanket

motives are the Waldspirale, the Art Nouveau Bath, Wedding Tower, Castle and House of History


Price: 69.90€

Measures: 2m x 1.50m

Material: 60% Cotten and und 40% Dralon


In cooperation with MyKolter


T-shirt "I love Darmstadt"

T-shirts for kids and adults in: grey/black for men, turquoise for women, pink for girls and light blue for boys. Mode of organic cotton.

Price: adults 19.90 €, kids 16.50 €



Darmstadt Pepper

Mixture of three different varieties of pepper: black pepper, Javanese pepper and long pepper.

Price: 11.90 €

Darmstadt CITY-MEMO

Get to know Darmstadt - with this memory game

30 Darmstadt sights are part of this memory game and are explained in a little booklet as well as shown on a city map.

Price: 14.00€

Towel "Wedding Tower"

Blue towel with woven pattern of the wedding tower. 100% cotton. Size: 50x100cm. Also availble with gift box.

Preis: 12.50 €

Darmstadt soaps

Small soaps, packed in a little gift bag. Handmade in Darmstadt by papaya-Seifenmanefaktur.

Price: 4.50 €


Darmstadt Shop Luisencenter 

Luisenplatz 5 
64283 Darmstadt 
Tel.: +49 6151 - 1345-13

Fax: +49 6151 - 1347-5858


Opening hours:

Mon to Fri: 10 am to 6 pm
Sat: 10 am to 4 pm
April-Sep: Sun 10 am to 2 pm
Closed on public holidays.



Certified accessibility

The Darmstadt tourist office has been certified by the project „Reisen für Alle“ (Travel for All).

In particular, travellers with a handicap shal be given reliable information on the extent to which tourist facilities are accessible to the disabled at the destination.

You can find the complete report here.


Further information about accessibility of sights and institutions in Darmstadt can be found here.